Norfolk Landmark, June 23, 1907


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Eastville, Va., June 22.--Real Summer weather has at last taken the place of the cold, disagreeable Spring season that continued far into June. The thermometer reached 82 in the shade this afternoon and the excessive humidity made the effect very impressive.

The Irish potato market, which broke Wednesday, improved yesterday, and the price advanced to $2.15 on the wharf in Cape Charles City. It is the hope of the truckers here that by the middle of next week the North Carolina crop will be out of the way sufficiently to enable those growing potatoes here to ship theirs at good prices. The prospect is that there will be a shortage in other sections. The outlook here is for an excellent yield.

Miss Mary Custis Lee, the only surviving daughter of General Robert E. Lee, is visiting Mrs. L. M. Tiffany, of Mount Custis, near Accomack C. H. The T. C. Kelly Chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy entertained Miss Lee at the home of Mr. James H. Fletcher, of that place. Miss Julia Wilkins, of this county, the vice president of the chapter, was present. The distinguished guest of the evening had a pleasant word for every visitor. In this connection it might be of interest to note that General Lee belonged to the Custis family, the owner of old Arlington, and at one time had charge of the property as administrator, as will be noted in the records here. The family still own Smith's Island, in this county, that being the remnant of the large holding of the family Custis.

Norfolk Landmark
Norfolk, Virginia
June 23, 1907