Peninsula Enterprise, May 28, 1892


reprinted from Cape Charles Pioneer.Sea -- Finfish - Catch : Shad and herring

Dr. John T. Wilkins, Jr., State Fish Commissioner, returned a few days ago from Washington. He finished Tuesday, putting out 450,000 shad fry in Hungar's and Nassawadox creeks.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateFarmers -- Farm size and structureTourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Lodges

Very valuable real estate is offered for sale in this issue by Zoro Willis, agent. The farm is just that the average farmer on the Eastern Shore wants, and is of that kind which pays better as an investment than any other. Its size, location, resources and improvements commend it to land buyers of every kind and description. The house and lot too is very valuable either as a home or investment and admirably located for gentlemen of leisure who want a club house.


Farmers -- Farmers' organizationsTransportation -- Railroad - Rates and fares

The County Alliance will meet at Accomac C. H., next Monday, court-day, to consider what action shall be taken in the matter of freight rates, recently passed upon by the Interstate Commerce Commission. The announcement is authorized of the President of the County Alliance and at his request a full attendance of the members is requested.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial developmentProfessionals -- Realtors and developers

A. J. McMath, executor of George W. McMath, deceased, will sell at public auction on Saturday, June 11th, 1892, several valuable lots on the west side of the railroad at Onley station, and among them the store house and lot now occupied by F. M. Sturgis & Son. This block embraces the finest sites for business in this prosperous and rapidly growing town. See posters for further particulars.


Moral -- Murder

The case of George Drier, who so mercilessly murdered old Mrs. McFadden, at Cape Charles, some months ago, will not be heard by Court of Appeals until November term.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

Belle Haven.

Mr. William T. Ashby sold his farm in Occohonnock Neck, containing about 100 acres, last week, to parties in Philadelphia, for the sum of $6,000. The farm has one of the most valuable oyster fronts on Eastern Shore, and cheap for that reason, though the general opinion seems to be, that it was sold at fancy figures.


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Our oyster season, which closes on 30th inst., has been a fair one. The bivalve needs a rest, and our people are too law-abiding, it is hoped, to disturb its summer repose.

Quite a number of people here this week from mainland, to rent holiday homes, failed to secure them as every dwelling on our Island is occupied.

Capt. John W. Bunting is building a large wharf in front of his property between Island Hotel and Atlantic Hotel.

Our people were swindled to the tune of several thousand dollars some time ago by the collapse of the "Diamond League", and the latest advices are that the greater part of $4,000 recently invested by them in the "American Fraternal Circle" has gone where the "woodbine twineth." The prospect of the failure of the Order has caused great excitement here, as most of the people interested are poor, and could not afford to be swindled as they have been.


Fields -- Crops - Other vegetablesFields -- Crops - StrawberriesTransportation -- Railroad - Freight


Commencing with Tuesday, the shipments from this station every day since have been very large. On the first day 800 baskets of peas, large shipments of berries and other produce were forwarded to market.


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A. F. Mears will start a new store at Lankford's crossing and will endeavor to have the trains to receive freight at that place. This arrangement, if effected, will be of great convenience to both the sea and bayside people near there.

Henry C. Lewis is building quite a handsome house on his farm near Mappsville.

Charles Wilson shot William Downing in the leg, near Metompkin, last Thursday, inflicting a painful wound. He says he shot to frighten a companion of his and hit him accidentally. All parties are colored.

Mr. John Byrd, of Bloxom station, to his regret last week, conspired with the blacksmith and hotel keeper of that place, against the peace and dignity of a certain bovine. The blacksmith furnished the empty cans soldered together, duly loaded with scraps of iron, for the caudal appendage of his bovine anatomy. Every preparation was soon completed and worked to a charm. His majesty was quickly penned and roped, his tail ornaments quickly and securely tied on amid shouts of laughter, down the road he went at breakneck speed, his tail ornaments flashing ever and anon high above the clouds of dust that followed his wake. Others of his kindred near at hand, hearing his bellowings of distress, from field and woods, from pound and pen, surmounting all barriers, madly rushed to his rescue and soon the road was a solid mass of fleeing and roaring bovinity. The boys were enjoying their triumph when all at once it occurred to Mr. Byrd that his wife and child, in a carriage, with a horse ordinarily safe would probably be met on the road by this maddened throng of cattle kind and was appalled at the probable results. Sure enough his worst fears were soon justified. His horse had taken fright at the approach of the stampeded host and soon reduced to kindling wood, leaving its occupants, we are happy to say, very little hurt, but badly frightened, upon the ground.


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Potato bugs not so numerous this season on account of the cool weather and sales of Paris green short, compared with acreage of potatoes.

Messrs. Mason, Hyslup and Smith, commissioners appointed by the court to rearrange road precincts in this district, have completed the work assigned them, but not in a satisfactory manner to all the surveyors. Some of them have more road than they can successfully manage.

The Improved Order of Heptasophs continues to grow in favor in this section and accessions are being made constantly to Pungoteague Conclave. The secret of its popularity is due to the fact, for the most part, of meeting all its losses promptly. The sum of $2,000 due to heirs of Thomas G. Pitts, who was a member of said Conclave, who died on 4th inst., was ready for payment on the 12th inst., and will be handed over to guardian of his children promptly upon qualification of same.

Farmers' Institute at Cape Charles.

Farmers -- Innovation

Cape Charles, Va., -- May 31, 1892.

Reduced rates on railroad -- one fare pays the round trip.

Music by Franktown Band.

Four lectures on farming.

All are expected to come -- free admission.

Committee in charge.




State Board of Agriculture.


The attention of farmers and all interested in farming, is especially directed to late notices published in the ENTERPRISE, of the Farmers' Institute, to be held at Cape Charles, on Tuesday, 31st. Through the favor of Capt. O. A. Browne, excursion tickets for round trip will be sold by the railroad to all who attend the Institute, and by taking the morning express and returning by night express of same day, only one day will be lost from home. In view of the advantages to be derived and the conveniences offered, it is to be hoped, that Accomac farmers will be creditably represented. The lecturers selected by Capt. Browne, and the subjects chosen will make the occasion one of peculiar pleasure and profit to Eastern Shore farmers. While the expense of the Institute is borne by funds of the State, it has cost considerable trouble to secure its advantages for our people, and it is naturally expected that we shall show proper appreciation of the appointment.


Wachapreague, Va., May 25th, 1892.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 28, 1892