Peninsula Enterprise, October 29, 1892


reprinted from Pocomoke City Ledger.Transportation -- Water - Steamboats

A movement is on foot to put a new steamer on the Pocomoke River to ply between Muddy and Messongo Creeks, Virginia, and this town. The capital stock of the company will be $3,000, and it is hoped that at least one-third of the stock can be secured at the Virginia end of the route. Those who have the movement in hand have met with considerable encouragement at both ends of the proposed new line, and it is thought the project will prove a success.


Watermen -- Personal injury

F. Thomas Olsen, of Norway, fell overboard from City of Columbia off Chincoteague, Friday of last week, and was drowned.


Watermen -- Personal injury

The body of an unknown white man was washed ashore at the Glebe, near Bridgetown, on the 25th inst. There was nothing on his person to identify him. He was dressed in a suit of oil cloth, and had in his pocket a purse containing $1.12.


Fields -- Crops - Sweet potatoes : Markets

The returns have been received by Mr. L. James Gunter, Accomac C. H., for potatoes shipped by him to Liverpool, England, recently, and the same were so satisfactory, that another shipment has been made by him to that place.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Football

Belle Haven.

Work on the stores of Kellam Bros., at Exmore, rapidly progressing. The hotel of Mr. B. U. Doughty's at same place is also nearing completion.

Foot ball is the principle amusement among our young men and boys at present.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionInfrastructure -- Public : ChurchesTransportation -- Water - FreightSea -- Shellfish - Clamming : SeasideSea -- Shellfish - Clamming : Markets


A building boom, we have, always. At present it is seen, in a dwelling being built by C. T. Taylor in connection with his store, in an addition being made by E. F. Laws to his dwelling, and in large store in course of erection by Capt. John W. Bunting for F. P. Selby.

The Sanctified band of this place held a meeting at Franklin City, last Sunday. There are several believers in same faith in that locality.

Schooner Selbridge arrived here this week from New York with a load of bricks -- schooner L. B. Chandler arrived Tuesday with a load of merchandise and coal, and schooner P. J. Hart on same day with load of coal -- schooner Palestine left for New York this week with a cargo of clams.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Public : Churches


E. R. Mason is building a dwelling at Bloxom for Mr. A. W. Short.

N. W> Nock is making preparations to build a dwelling for his own use in this village.

Edward Oldham has just put the finishing touches upon our pretty little church. It now is one of the ornaments of the village.

There is quite a revival going on at Conquest M. P. Church, near here. Several hardened old sinners and others too have professed faith in Christ.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
October 29, 1892