Peninsula Enterprise, December 24, 1892


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Law enforcement

The parties who purchased the Maryland schooner Alexina recently at auction, and had her repaired, will it is stated, lose a considerable sum of money by the recent decision of Judge Hughes of the United States Supreme Court. The Alexina for taking oysters unlawfully in Virginia waters was sold under a decree of Accomac county court, and Judge Hughes decides that sale of the boat did not free her from the debt she owed prior to the capture, and that she must be sold again.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateProfessionals -- Realtors and developers

F. H. Dryden, real estate agent, has sold the farm in Somerset county, Md., near Cokesbury, belonging to Francis J. Barnes, to William E. Ames, of this county, for $1,030.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Hotels

The hotel at Drummondtown is now open to the public, with accommodations unsurpassed, mine host Doughty in charge, ably assisted by his obliging and courteous clerk, Mr. George T. Beach.


Transportation -- Water - Freight

The schooner Hattie A. McMaster, Capt. Polk Lang, bound from Cobb's Island to Norfolk, with a load of oysters, was run into and considerably damaged by an unknown tug at an early hour Monday morning.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Newspapers

The ENTERPRISE will not be published next week. The employees of the office, the "devil" included, think that Christmas is a season for rest and the editor has not been hard to convince, that the claim is a just one.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving serviceInfrastructure -- Commercial - Rental housing

Accomac C. H.

Capt. Lynn F. Taylor, recently promoted to the keepership of Metompkin Life Saving Station, will move his family to our town and was here this week to rent a dwelling for that purpose.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving serviceInfrastructure -- Utilities - TelephoneInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Lighthouse service


The telephone line from Cape Charles to our Life Saving Stations and from thence to capes of Delaware, now completed, should have a branch line to our village for the convenience of its employees as well as our citizens, and a movement looking to that end should and may be started soon.

The contractor has finished the light-house keeper's dwelling on Assateague and it is the handsomest on the Eastern Shore. It cost $11,000.


Davis Wharf.

Messrs. T. M. and J. E. West have lately moved their families to Baltimore, their future home.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : FoxMoral -- Property crime

Fair Oaks.

Sportsmen of this place are preparing for a big fox hunt during the Xmas. Several hounds of the best strains from Maryland have been added recently to the pack in this neighborhood.

The turkey and hen roosts of several of our farmers have been raided and robbed this week.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideInfrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate


Capt. J. C. Boggs is doing what he said -- selling his goods. He is also shipping some fine oysters caught on a rock in Nandua Creek.

Oysters are very fine in Occohannock Creek and large shipments are being made and good prices realized.

Mr. Luther Read has sold his cottage on Occohannock creek to Mr. J. C. Johnson.

H. Doughty has bought the Satchell place on the hill near Shield's Wharf. He will fit it up and go there to live.

Mr. Charles Denmead, formerly of Baltimore, but now living at Mount Airy, Northampton county, has purchased of the Eastern Shore Steamboat Co., the half of Concord farm adjoining his.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Bayside


It is noticed that very few oysters in shell are now brought here to be sold by bushel. They are in demand.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateForests -- Forest products - HollyTourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Lodges


Mr. John W. VanDeman, of Michigan, arrived here this week to locate a home.

Joseph Moore has bought lot No. 26 on Browne avenue, and will add improvements on the Spring, making his home in Parksley.

Miss Mary A. Taft, a bright young journalist of New York, spent a few days in Parksley taking notes and Kodak snap shots. -- "An faith she'll print it."

Mr. and Mrs. Millard, of Delhi, N. Y., who are spending the winter in Parksley, have been making glad absent friends with boxes of Parksley holly, myrtle and mistletoe for Christmas.

Mr. Charles W. Reiff, G. T. A., N. Y. P. & N. R. R. Co., spent last Thursday in our town, after an outing with the Broadwater Club on Broadwater Island.

E. L. Kemp, president of Palatinate College, George H. Horst, Esq., cashier, Myerstown, Pa., National Bank, Messers. Valentine D. Uhrich and George W. Uhrich, of Myerstown, Pa., are here on a gunning trip.

Mr. Cleveland Didn't Come.

reprinted from Richmond State.Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Bonds

The papers served on Mr. Cleveland a few weeks ago when he was hunting on Hog Island, notifying him that he was made a party defendant in the suit of Smith against the Bondholders' Committee, was made returnable to-day to the Chancery Court. The process was only a legal form of court procedure, and no one thought for a moment that the President-elect would respond in person to the summons. He has paid no attention whatever to the matter, and it is doubtful is he ever will. When the case comes up for trial his deposition may probably be taken and used.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
December 24, 1892