Peninsula Enterprise, April 9, 1892


reprinted from Baltimore Sun.Transportation -- Railroad - Regulation

The interstate commerce commission has denied the application of defendants for a rehearing of the case of the Delaware State Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry against the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Company, the Pennsylvania Railroad Company and others.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving serviceInfrastructure -- Utilities - Telephone

A bill to provide for the connection by a telephone or telegraph system of the seven life saving stations on the Virginia coast with a central station, was ordered reported to the House of Representatives Tuesday, by the Committee having it in charge.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Law enforcement

Thomas Tyler, George Evans and Edward Tyler, of Smith Island, Md., captured by the citizens of Tangier Island, on the oyster beds of Virginia, on the first day of April, after an examination before Justice Nelson, Onancock, were sent to jail to await the action of the grand jury. The sloop in which they were captured was brought to Onancock.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Newspapers

The Farmer and Fisherman has been enlarged and will be a monthly instead of a weekly publication in the future.


Weather -- Northeast stormsInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving serviceTransportation -- Water - WrecksSea -- Wrecking

The schooner E. K. Wilson, E. W. Tupton, commander, bound from Newbern, N. C., to Philadelphia, with cargo of lumber, went ashore on Cedar Island, March 31st, 9 a. m., during a heavy north east gale. The crew were rescued by Capt. E. T. Core and crew of the Metompkin Life Saving Station. The schooner, a wreck, and anchors, rigging, & c., sold at public auction last Wednesday, for $75. Capt. Lupton, through the ENTERPRISE, desires to return thanks to the gallant Life Saving crew for their timely arrival and valuable assistance.


Sea -- Finfish - Catch : Shad and herring

Fish, shad and herring, have been for sale in our town by the "cart-load" and at very low prices, this week.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - HotelsProfessionals -- BuildersLaborers -- Construction

The work of rebuilding and enlarging the hotel property at Drummondtown will begin next Monday in good earnest. Contractor Kellam has a force of twelve men engaged for that purpose. In the name of a suffering and hungry people let the good work begin, friend Doughty, without fail.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing

Delegates from race associations in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, met in Baltimore, last week, and formed a fall trotting circuit for 1892, under the title of the Virginia, Maryland and Delaware circuit. Mr. William B. Wilson and Dr. A. Brockenborough, of Northampton, were representatives from Virginia. The date for races at Cape Charles was made, from August 23d to 26th, inclusive.

The President in Accomac.

reprinted from Norfolk Virginia, via United Press.Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Bird

WASHINGTON, D. C., April 7.

The President, accompanied by George W. Boyd, left Washington at 10 o'clock to-night for New Church, Accomac county, Va. The President will remain Friday and Saturday returning here either late Saturday night or Monday morning.


Transportation -- Water - Channel and harbor dredging

An appropriation was made by the Government at the last session of Congress for the Cape Charles harbor and a like demand has been made at the present term, which the Committee on Rivers and Harbors have recommended on certain conditions, to wit: "that none of the money shall be expended until and except the owners of the property make an absolute conveyance to the Government of the harbor and a public landing and the approaches to the same." Our present able and efficient representative, Hon. W. A. Jones, in other words, has a way of going to the bottom of things and as the representative of the people has not been able to convince himself that it is right to take the people's money to improve a harbor which belongs not to the public, but to the N. Y. P. & N. R. R., and the estate of Hon. W. L. Scott. As such representative he opposed the appropriation, in behalf of the people, until the harbor was made free to them and his opinion very properly prevailed before the Committee. Now it remains for the N. Y. P & N. R. R. Co., and the representatives of the estate of Mr. Scott, to say whether they will accept the $10,000 which is awaiting them upon the terms offered.

If they do not, that is their privilege, and no one will find fault with them for holding on to their right of property in said harbor. But if they will not accept the money on the terms on which it is offered, then to complain that the Government will not appropriate money to increase the value of their private property is, to say the least of it, unreasonable. To say that the appropriation asked for, to be applied as heretofore, is in the interest of the public, is, to put it very mildly, mere twaddle. No boat nor craft has the right to enter the Cape Charles harbor without the consent of the owners thereof, and any competing line of boats would be very promptly excluded, which demanded access to the same or the use of their wharves, and no better proof need be offered of the truth of the assertion, than the fact that, although the engineers sent there two or three years ago to examine the harbor with the view to the appropriation, recommended, that in the event of the same being made, an additional appropriation of $3,000 should be made [illegible] avenue, in order that the public might have "in fact" a free landing and wharf, while the appropriation for benefit of the private parties was made, the one in the interest of the people, was ruthlessly set aside and went unnoticed.

Cape Charles harbor, free at present! It is to the same extent and about the same way that ingress and egress in permitted, by the owners of any property to others, as long as it is agreeable and profitable to them.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
April 9, 1892