Peninsula Enterprise, June 11, 1892


Mental illness

Major Rayfield is again confined at Accomac C. H., awaiting a vacancy in the asylum at Williamsburg. B. F. Guy was taken to that asylum last Tuesday.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing

The futurity stake races of the Chesapeake Agricultural Fair Association, will not be open to Delaware, Maryland and Virginia colts as published in previous issues of this paper, but only "open to Eastern Shore of Virginia colts." See change in notice elsewhere. The distance in these races also will be waived.


Fields -- Crops - StrawberriesFields -- Crops - Other vegetablesFields -- Crops - White potatoes : Diseases and pestsFields -- PesticideFields -- Crops - Other fruit


The farmers in this vicinity are very busy. Strawberries have paid well -- peas but poorly. Irish potatoes are white with blossoms and are looking well, but lo! the Colorado beetle is having a great feast though death lies smiling on the tempting leaf. Paris green, the deadly foe of the feaster is extensively used and in great demand. With it we can destroy the destroyer, but lo the rosebug! He is everywhere -- swarming, as plentiful as Republican politicians just now in Minneapolis. Is there no remedy for this pest? I don't mean the Republicans, but the rosebug. If they would be satisfied with destroying our beautiful flowers, we might bear the loss with resignation, but no, their evil genius and insatiate appetite lead them to devour grapes, apples, peaches -- almost all kinds of fruits. Is there no remedy? Let the scientist answer. Napoleon said there is no such word as "fail." I hope the remedy will be found for this pest.


Transportation -- Water - SailboatsFields -- Livestock - Sheep


Our harbor at this time is full of schooners and the average visitor is surprised in seeing so many here now that the oyster season is over, until told that they belong to citizens of this place. Five years ago only 3 schooners hailed from this port, now there are some 25 or more.

The sheep penning did not come off as announced, last Wednesday, owing to some misunderstanding, but the failure of same did not interfere with the festivities incident to such occasions. The picnic usual in connection therewith, was well attended and a pleasant affair in all respects.


Infrastructure -- Public : Churches


The exceeding scarcity of money has made business dull with our merchants.

Additions to the Baptist Church and parsonage are being pushed to completion, and promise to add considerably to the looks of both.

Railroad News.

reprinted from Norfolk Ledger.Transportation -- Railroad - FreightTransportation -- Railroad - LitigationTransportation -- Railroad - Steamboats

Some idea of the extensive shipment of produce from this section may be gained from the fact that, one day last week, the New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk railroad alone carried 112 car loads of produce to northern markets. -- Berkely Graphic.

In the United States Court to-day (7th,) in the case of the New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad Company vs. the barge Lawrence and cross libel of the Thames's Tow-Boat Company, owners of the barge, vs. the New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad, Judge Hughes decided against the New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad Company, the steamer New York, of that line, being in the opinion of the court, in fault as to the collision of March, 1891, between herself and said barge. The cross libel was for $10,125.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
June 11, 1892