Peninsula Enterprise, March 8, 1890


reprinted from Cape Charles Headlight.Fields -- Crops - Other vegetables

Large quantities of kale are being shipped from Hollywood truck farm, and we are told, the marks command 25 cents more per barrel than any other marks in New York market.


Transportation -- Railroad - Maintenance

Gen. James C. Hill, Commissioner of Railroads of Virginia, was in our county some days ago, on a tour of inspection of the N. Y. P. & N. R. R. He received assurances from the authorities that 65,000 ties had recently been purchased for use on said road.


Moral -- Alcohol

Mr. George T. Clayton surrendered himself at Accomac C. H., last Saturday, to serve out term of imprisonment imposed upon him by the jury for handling the 'ardent' in a manner not authorized by law.


Infrastructure -- Public : ChurchesTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fairs

The Chesapeake Agricultural Fair is advertised to commence this year on 12th of August and the Accomac Baptist Association has from time immemorial commenced during the same week -- this year on 13th of that month. The place for holding the Association this year is at Hollies Baptist Church, the centennial of that church, and the exercises, therefore, are expected to be especially interesting and to attract a large gathering -- facts which the Fair authorities will, if wise, give due consideration, and, if possible, make a change in their time. A conflict is sure to be the detriment of the Fair, as Baptists do not often desert their colors.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial construction

Accomac C. H.

Mr. Geo. R. West has purchased the lot in the rear of Baptist church and will improve the same by a handsome dwelling another year and become a citizen of our town.

The latest improvement in our town is a large workshop, built by Mr. Alfred J. Lilliston. A dwelling and other buildings are to be erected by our enterprising townsman during the year.


Infrastructure -- Public : SchoolsInfrastructure -- Commercial - Insurance companies


Mr. J. R. Bagby, principal of the Leemont public school, just closed, has opened a private school here.

A graded school of the first character is to be established at Parksley next fall. The principal will be a University man, and the public funds will be supplemented by private contributions, so as to secure one as proficient as possible.

The participants in the meeting of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company, held here on Thursday, were men of too fine business qualifications and too much substance to leave any doubt that the company in their hands would be a success. Northampton was represented by Messrs. J. H. Roberts and P. B. Tankard.

Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Eastern Va. Organizes.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Insurance companies

A meeting was held at Parksley, Accomac county, Va., Thursday March 6th inst., by the members of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Eastern Virginia, for the purpose of organizing for business in the counties of Accomac and Northampton, under a charter granted by the Legislature of Virginia during February.

The meeting was well attended by representative men of both counties and an organization was promptly effected by the election of Mr. U. B. Quinby, chairman, and J. H. Riley, secretary.

By request, an explanation of the plans of said company was made and charter read by Mr. T. B. Quinby.

An election held for managers of the company resulted as follows: U. B. Quinby, J. W. Gillet and W. B. Wilson as managers until 1893, John D. Parsons, John M. West and Otho F. Mears until 1892, and Stanley J. Lewis, Dr. J. F. Mapp and P. B. Tankard until 1891.

Upon the election of Mr. U. B. Quinby, manager, the chair being vacated by him, was filled by the election of Mr. F. M. Boggs.

After a general discussion of the plans and merits of said company, the meeting adjourned.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
March 8, 1890