Norfolk Virginian, January 31, 1890


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The bill introduced by Mr. Flood, member of House from Appomattox county, to regulate the oyster industry in the State, and derive revenue therefrom by leasing the beds accurately surveyed and to increase the rental from 25 cents per acre to $1.00, and to allow non-residents to become interested in planting and the propagating of oysters, has elicited much comment . . . here.

It is claimed that the State derives an enormous revenue from the present tax, and that the poorer classes of oystermen would not be able to pay the rental . . . and also that if non-residents were allowed to engage in the business they . . . would monopolize it.

The change in the mail service of the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk, which it was announced by the officials would take place about the middle of this month, has not been made.

The jury in the case of Nathaniel J. Lang, a young liquor dealer, of Accomac courthouse, who was indicted by the grand jury some time ago for allowing unlawful gaming at his house of entertainment, have found him guilty. Lang was fined $100 and costs and his license revoked. After the verdict had been rendered Lang was bound over, to keep the peace for twelve months for having cursed a young man named Lewis, one of the witnesses against him. The trial involved several young society men of Accomac.

The Bone Island property, situated near the coast of Northampton county, has been purchased by Richmond (Virginia) parties, and a number of handsome cottages will soon be erected thereon, among them one by Mr. Ashley Jones, of Richmond, at a cost of $4500. It is understood that the island will be converted into a Summer resort.

Coastwise vessels, from Eastern Shore, that have heretofore been trading to Baltimore, are beginning to realize the advantages of Norfolk, and have commenced trading to that port.

The bill introduced by Mr. Lawler to authorize the United States Government to acquire title and jurisdiction to lands at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, for sites for fortifications thereof, the lands being in Northampton, Princess Anne and Norfolk counties, shows the importance of defenses being situated at these points, at least by the State, and it is hoped by the National Government, that at last has been recognized.

It is reported that connection from this peninsula through Cape Charles to Richmond by water will shortly be established, and that the steamer Old Point Comfort will be withdrawn from her present route and be placed on that line.

A meeting of the Northampton county Farmers' Association has been called for February 8, at Bayview.

The bill before the Legislature to appropriate $4000 from the Glebe fund to repair the courthouse at Eastville, the county seat of Northampton county, has excited much comment in that county, and the question of removing the courthouse to Cape Charles City, which was agitated sometime ago, has been revived with renewed vigor.

Norfolk Virginian
January 31, 1890