Norfolk Virginian, October 29, 1890


Weather -- Northeast stormsAfrican-Americans -- Racial violence


The water on Main and Back streets, caused by the heavy tide last Thursday, has subsided. A perfect gale is prevailing here yet, however.

There was a great furore at Accomac C. H. Saturday night, and a race riot was thought imminent. At a small grocery store, kept by a negro named Wharton, a row between a lot of drunken negroes arose and a number of whites went in to quell the disturbance, when a general fight ensued, bottles, chairs, coal, etc., playing a prominent part. During the melee two negroes, Bill Sawyer and Major _____ , were seriously hurt, being beaten terribly. The other participants escaped with a few scratches and bruises.

Norfolk Virginian
October 29, 1890