Peninsula Enterprise, October 4, 1890


Professionals -- Commission merchants

A telegram received from Gordon & Wilson, commission merchants, New York, yesterday, is as follows:

John W. Edmonds, Propr. ENTERPRISE, Tasley, Va.

"Orris Browne is here as a delegate to oppose a passage by Board of Aldermen compelling weight to be marked on each package. Full particulars will follow in time for next issue."


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Belle Haven.

In a boat race at Willis Wharf, last Saturday for a suit of clothes, the following skiffs were entered: Little Janie, Sadie Bell, Pullet and Pumpkin Rind. The first owned by Mr. Bennett Fentress, 10 feet 4 inches long, beat all her competitors, though some of them were double her length. Like her namesake, old Janie, she can be matched for any sum against any boat that floats the waters of Virginia.

Messrs. West, Willis & Wyatt, have just added another wing to their store house, to meet the demands in increasing trade and it is now one of the largest storehouses on the Eastern Shore. Their stock of goods just received, contains an assortment rarely seen outside of the city, of dress goods, cloaks, boots, shoes, hats, caps, hardware, groceries, &c., &c. This taken in connection with their branch store at Willis wharf enables them to supply their customers with everything needed in household, on farm or elsewhere.


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Mr. A. T. Jones, of Assateague, caught this week, at one haul at Tom's Cove 4,000 fat backs. The catch was the largest ever known in this locality and was sold for $70.

Mr. Charles Taylor, 1st Assistant of Smith's Island Light, bought of Mr. J. A. M. Whealton recently an unoccupied lot 30x70 feet. Mr. Whealton was induced to make the sacrifice for the consideration of $600. A handsome storehouse is to be built on lot and an auction store opened by Mr. Taylor.

Our public schools reopen next Monday with following teachers: Graded school, T. L. Disharoon, principal, Miss Ida M. Matthews 1st assistant, Miss Ida V. Tracey 2nd assistant; Goodwill school, Misses Florence Davis and Lida Clayville; Down the Island, Ernest Wescott. Rev. Haywood has been engaged to teach the colored children. In addition to above, a private school will be opened by Fred E. Rudiger.

The Cobbs Island Purchase.

reprinted from Lynchburg News, September 28Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - ResortsInfrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

Mention was made in the News some days ago on the purchase of Cobbs Island by Messrs. R. L. Miller, J. F. Slaughter and others of this city. Referring to the transaction, the Richmond Dispatch of yesterday says:

"The tract is said to be contained between parallel lines running from bay to ocean, one line passing at right angles with and just in front of the hotel, the other running with the fence in front of Mr. Warren Cobb's house. This includes the Baltimore house, bar, billiard room, ten-pin alley, the old arbor site, and probably the church. The price paid was $8,000. It is said a stock company is to be raised and the usual plan of capitalizing and selling lots to be carried out."

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
October 4, 1890