Peninsula Enterprise, May 17, 1890


Architecture -- Historic preservation

The Eastern Shore Historical Society was organized at Eastville on Wednesday, 7th inst., by the election of Griffin C. Callahan (the inaugurator of the Association) as president, Rev. George W. Easter, vice-president, Dr. Garland P. Moore, recording secretary, Dr. George T. Scarburgh, corresponding secretary, Judge William T. Fitchett, librarian, W. B. Fitzhugh, treasurer.

The board of directors are: Hon. John S. Wise, Hon. T. H. Bayly Browne, Rev. George W. Easter, Griffin C. Callahan, John E. West, John W. Edmonds, W. B. Fitzhugh, James B. Dalby, Dr. Charles Smith, Thomas Upshur, Abel T. Ashby, Dr. Garland P. Moore and Dr. George T. Scarburgh. One is yet to be supplied.

By-laws were adopted and provision made for the appointment of committees. The annual dues were fixed at one dollar.

The next meeting will be held at Eastville, on August court-day, 2nd Monday in that month.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Excursions

Excursion tickets will be sold over N. Y., P. & N. R. R. from Eastern Shore to Norfolk on to-day, May 18th, good for two days, at 2 and a half cents per mile, to enable the people along the line to attend Barnum's circus, to be exhibited on to-day. A ticket to Norfolk and return from Tasley will be $2.65.


A large hotel is to be erected during this summer on Tangier Island by Messrs. Crockett and Thomas.


Mental illness

George W. Wharton, colored, was taken from our jail on yesterday to lunatic asylum at Petersburg, Va., by messenger sent for him from that institution.


Transportation -- Water - StrandingsSea -- WreckingFields -- Livestock - SheepTourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - FishingTourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Waterfowl and shorebirdTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racingInfrastructure -- Commercial - Race tracks


The schooner Hastings, Capt. Frank Taylor, loaded with oysters and bound from Rappahannock river to Stockton, went ashore on our bar on night of 6th inst. She was gotten off by our enterprising wreckers, C. E. Babbitt &Sons, at a cost of $50.

The annual sheep penning of Assateague takes place this year on Wednesday, June 4th. Sheep and lambs will be sold on that day at public and private sale. The attendance this year will be very large.

The steam yacht of Hamilton Disston, touched at this point last Monday on her way to Wachapreague, where she will take on board her owner, Senator Quay, and others for a gunning and fishing trip in the lower bays.

The funds have been raised necessary to the establishment of 'The Gentlemen's Driving Park' here, and the same has been located and will be opened to-day. The following officers have been elected: J. R. Tarr, president; E. P. Timmons, secretary; Dr. N. S. Smith, treasurer. An expert trainer, Thomas Campbell, of Baltimore, has been engaged and arrived here yesterday.


Farmers -- Farmers' organizationsTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - BaseballInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential construction


Mr. William J. Mercer, deputy organizer of State Farmers' Alliance, delivered an address here on Thursday of last week, and afterwards instituted a Sub-Farmers' Alliance with the following officers: Capt. Edward L. East, president, C. L. Harmanson, secretary, Peter W. East, doorkeeper.

A game of base ball between the Academy and Kid Glove nines, Wednesday evening, resulted in a victory for the latter by a score of 38 to 15.

Mr. Frank A. Slocomb is having the plans and specifications prepared for dwelling he proposes to have erected, on his lot adjoining P. E. Church.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Public : ChurchesTransportation -- Railroad - Stations and sidingsFarmers -- Farmers' organizations


Miss Chadbourne is building a house on Wilson avenue.

George W. Warner's house is receiving the finishing touches.

The committee has selected two lots corner of Wilson avenue and Catherine street, adjoining the park for the M. P. Church, and will begin work at an early date.

Vice-President Patton, Superintendent Dunne and other R. R. officials were here this week. The R. R. Co.'s grounds here will be handsomely improved.

Mr. Mercer of North Carolina addressed our people at Parksley Wednesday, and enrolled the names of a few. He proposes to be at Parksley, Tuesday after court Monday for the purpose of organizing an Alliance.

Mr. Everetts' house is enclosed.

Narrow Escape From Death.

Transportation -- Railroad - Personal injury

Mr. William Mason, Capt. Charles Wright and a colored man had a narrow escape from a terrible death on last Monday morning. They were on their way in a cart to Hopeton on the line of N. Y. P. & N. R. R. and had reached a point on county road running parallel with railroad, when they discovered the South bound freight train approaching several hundred yards distant. The crossing being only a few feet off, the driver, Mr. Mason, thinking he could pass safely over before the arrival of train, put whip to his horse for that purpose and he was not mistaken in that calculation, but he had reckoned unwisely in another respect. His horse had barely passed over track, when becoming paralyzed with fright, stopped and commenced a backward movement and had he been permitted to have had his way would probably passed back safely, but being urged forward by the driver the rear of the cart remained on the track and was struck by the engine. Capt. Wright jumped from the cart when the horse balked and escaped unhurt. Mr. Mason and the colored man sustained severe injuries by the collision. A rib of Mr. Mason was broken and other wounds were received by him though not of a serious nature. The negro was badly scalped and wounded in face. The horse escaped with slight bruises. The cart was completely wrecked. Mr. Mason would probably have been killed if the force of his fall from the cart, at the time of collision, had not been broken by a pool of water into which he was thrown. He is a very old man, being eighty years old and his escape from fatal injury is a marvelous one.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 17, 1890