Peninsula Enterprise, October 25, 1890


Watermen -- Personal injury

Capt. Edward T. Summers reports "that sloop Josephine Smith, commanded by Capt. John Summers, ran into his sloop, Expert, while beating up Potomac river on 14th inst., and that George Bundick, colored, a hand on his boat, was knocked overboard and drowned.


Moral -- Other violent crime

A dispute between William S. Kellam and Nathaniel Turlington, last Saturday, near Fair Oaks, culminated in Kellam shooting Turlington through the hand.


Moral -- Firearms

Mr. E. E. Miles, Onancock, has on hand a large number of fine breech-loading guns, which he is offering for sale at very low prices. He will sell them cheaper than can be bought in city.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - HotelsInfrastructure -- Commercial - Rental housingSea -- Finfish - Other Migration


A party of professional men from Snow Hill, Md., here this week to try their skill in fishing, with headquarters at the Atlantic, say, that it surpasses anything in shape of a hotel on Eastern Shore of Maryland or Virginia. They report that everything which land and water furnishes, was supplied them and served in the best style of the culinary art. They will return again soon to enjoy the diamond back terrapin, fine oysters, fresh fish, &c., which mine host always so bountifully provides for his guests.

Applicants, to rent dwellings here for another year, arrive daily and it is impossible to meet the demands of parties in our midst. There is not a home to let on Chincoteague and the thought is suggested, why not some of our moneyed men put up dwellings as an investment? One that pays yearly from 25 to 39 per cent is certainly better than hording money in the long stockings and blue chests.

The catch of our fishermen in last three weeks with hand line, is valued at $3000.

Capt. John E. Burton and family have moved from Accomac C. H. to our town, and Mrs. J. H. Lofland will return soon to her old home from Frankford, Del.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Dredging

Marsh Market.

Many dredge boats have returned from Potomac, the owners having been notified by Capt. Gaskins of the police force, that the time for dredging had not arrived.


Transportation -- Water - WrecksTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - FootballInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial construction


Captain Erlanssen, of Sweden, is visiting Mrs. Bertie K. Powell. Capt. E. was shipwrecked off this coast many years ago and was the guest of Mrs. Powell, for some time thereafter, in company with several of the crew. He arrived in New York some time ago en route to Australia and availed himself of a week's leisure time to run down here and see those who were so kind and hospitable to him, in time of distress.

The Town defeated the Academy in a well contested game of foot-ball, Tuesday evening, by a score of 7 to 6.

Mr. William T. Wise, druggist, moved into his new store on Market street, between stores of Slocomb & Ames and E. E. Miles, on last Tuesday.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
October 25, 1890