Peninsula Enterprise, September 20, 1890


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal serviceTransportation -- Railroad - Freight

The new daily mail per steamer Old Point for the North commenced yesterday, and is a great convenience to our people, as it enables us to get our Southern mail at least twenty four hours earlier than heretofore. We now have coming and going from our city eleven mails per day. -- [Cape Charles] Pioneer.

We get two delivered at the pleasure of the railroad company without regard to the convenience of our people whom it professes to serve.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential construction

A handsome dwelling is now in course of erection at Accomac C. H., for Mr. James H. Fletcher, our attorney for the Commonwealth.


Infrastructure -- Public : Schools

At a late meeting of the Trustees of the "Margaret Academy" held at Pungoteague, the vacancies in the Board were filled by the election of M. Oldham, Jr., of this county and R. B. Handy of Northampton. A resolution was adopted appointing a committee to report at the meeting in April, next, what is best to be done with the old landmark.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideNatural resources -- Conservation - ResourcesFields -- Crops - Fodder


Many of our people engaged in catching and planting oysters, say there is a good prospect for young growth in the sound and if dredgers are kept off of them at night in a few years there will be plenty of good oysters all over the sound.

A great deal of fodder has been ruined in this section by the warm and rainy weather of late, and the oyster men claim that the same causes have destroyed the market for oyster to their great injury.


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Belle Haven.

Scarborough and Rowley, of Girdletree, Md. have bought two acres of land at Willis Wharf, and are having an oyster packing establishment erected on same. They will work in the business some forty or fifty hands. An oyster bed has been bought by them of Mr. Thomas Doughty, of Hog Island, for $140.

Blacksmith and carpenter shops will be built in our town by Messrs. Abdell & Bro. Work on same commences next week.

In a bateau race at north end of Hog Island last week, seven entries were made. The race was interesting and exciting, the bateau of Almer Ames winning first prize; of Capt. William Poulson, second; Oliver Robbins, third.


Transportation -- Water - Channel and harbor dredgingFields -- Livestock - HorsesSea -- Finfish - Catch : Other fishInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving serviceTransportation -- Water - Aids to navigationInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Lighthouse serviceProfessionals -- Dentists


The appropriation reported in River and Harbor bill of $50,000 for waterway from Chincoteague bay to Delaware bay, delighted our people very much.

John Hill arrived this week with the car load of ponies purchased for himself and Mr. E. P. Timmons, in Nevada. They are selling readily from $60 to $80. The freight on them was $500 instead of $250 heretofore reported.

Fat back, weighing 1 and a quarter to 1 and a half pounds, the largest ever seen here, were caught in our waters this week and sold in our market. Uncle Joshua Reed was the Isaac Walton who made the catch.

Mr. John L. Anderton has been awarded the contract by U. S. Government to supply with corn and hay the following Life Saving Stations: North Beach, Assateague, Parramore's, Hog Island and Smith's Island.

Capt. John B. Whealton has been awarded the contract for one year to attend the Metompkin buoys and keep them in their places.

Buoy steamer, Liziana, arrived here Saturday to supply Assateague and Killick Shoal Lighthouses with fuel.

Dr. O. F. Byrd, dentist, here this week with headquarters at Atlantic, was liberally patronized by our people.


Infrastructure -- Public : Schools


The lumber is being hauled for the new schoolhouse, soon to be built here.

Money Obtained on a Forged Order.

Moral -- Property crime

On last Monday morning, one L. Gordon Richards presented a forged order to the agent or his clerk at Bloomtown station and procured an express package containing $200 of Mr. T. A. Richards, Temperanceville. The forger when last heard from was on his way to Chincoteague, and doubtless has squandered much of the money before this time, as he was spending it very lavishly, according to latest reports -- giving the person who carried him across the bay five dollars though he charged him only one dollar. He was formerly employed as hand on Lightship off Chincoteague, but usually has been an idler, with a character not above suspicion. He is not considered bright intellectually and has always been a source of trouble to his family, to whom honor is dear as life itself.

Corner Stone Laid.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fraternal ordersTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Other

According to announcement previously made, the corner stone of the Young Men's Christian Association building in Eastville, Northampton county, was laid Friday, 12th inst., by Northampton Lodge, A. F. & A. M., assisted by brethren of Cape Charles Lodge, in the presence of a large number of persons from all parts of the county also many from Norfolk and Portsmouth. The association was organized two years ago, and the building which they are now erecting will cost $2,000, the greater portion of which has already been subscribed and paid. The ladies' auxiliary have also raised several hundred dollars, which will go towards fitting out and furnishing the building when completed. The association has been a great success in Eastville, and much interest is manifested in it by all denominations. The work on the building will be completed, it is hoped, by the 1st of November.


Transportation -- Road - Bridges

MR. EDITOR -- The bridges in the upper part of the county are in a bad condition and nine tenths of them are not fit to drive an ox cart over in daylight, much less a horse and carriage after night -- three of them in half mile of Hallwood. As a liveryman, it is hard enough to put up with the bad roads, but the deplorable condition of our bridges is too much for human endurance. I am not disposed to give any man trouble, but the wise overseer will do well to give the matter immediate attention.



Transportation -- Railroad - CorporateTransportation -- Water - Channel and harbor dredging

It is claimed by friends of Hon. T. H. Bayly Browne, that he has obtained for his district the sum of more than $440,000 appropriations during the present session. The claim if true, cannot atone for the evils he would impose upon his people in voting for the iniquitous high tariff measures, and for his conduct in regard to the infamous Force bill. Admitting the claim as true, we do not see how one little item, to wit: $25,000 for Cherrystone Inlet, obtained in the interests of the N. Y., P. & N. R. R. Co., of which he is the attorney, can commend him to the favorable consideration of people whom he wishes to continue to misrepresent. Other items in the appropriations will have our attention, also, during the canvass, and we shall be sadly mistaken, if we are not able to show that Mr. Browne, in his public career in this respect as in all others, deserves the maledictions rather than the blessings of an outraged people.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
September 20, 1890