Dispatch, July 15, 1888


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Onancock, July 13, 1888.

Charles Connor, a colored man living on the farm of Hon. John W. H. Parker, near here, became involved in a quarrel with another negro and went home to get his pistol. While he was carelessly handling the weapon it exploded, tearing off one of his fingers and striking his brother Richard Connor in the calf of the leg. A physician probed for the ball, but could not find it.

Dr. J. J. Lafferty, editor of the Richmond Christian Advocate, has been delivering two of his popular lectures on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, this time in aid of the new Methodist church at Pungoteague. The Doctor greatly delighted his audiences, as he always does. As happened when he lectured about one month ago in Onancock, he brought rain with him. He says his lecture never fails to bring rain, and he calls it "the cloud-compelling lecture."

James U. Drummond, residing near Cashville, shipped the first barrel of sweet potatoes of the season from this section last Wednesday. They were of good quality and brought $15, netting the owner $13.47.

Richmond, Va.
July 15, 1888