Forest and Stream, February 1, 1877


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OLD SUBSCRIBER, Baltimore. -- 1. Can you tell me of some place on the eastern shore of Maryland or Virginia where I can go about the 1st of March and spend a month goose and duck shooting? I mean the coast of Sinepuxent bay or Chincoteague sound. Ans. Take rail from Wilmington, Del., to Berlin, and wagon six miles to Ocean City. 2. Do you know of any place where I could get cheap board, and the use of a boat and decoys? Ans. At Chincoteague Island, Accomac Courthouse, Horn Town, Onancock, Pungoteague, and Belle Haven -- all in Accomac county, and at Eastville in Northampton county. Capt. Ayres will board you cheap at Ocean City. Capt. Coffins's is a favorite resort also. 3. What do you think it would cost me for a month's stay? Ans. Prices would vary from one to two dollars a day.

Forest and Stream
New York
February 1, 1877