Forest and Stream, August 26, 1880


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Editor Forest and Stream: -- Please inform me where a party of two can go in Virginia to get first-class quail shooting this fall, not over a day's ride by railroad from Washington, D. C.? Would not object to going to a farmer's where they are pleasant and where birds are plenty. Don't want to go where people object to gunning. Will want to remain about two weeks, if the shooting is good, and want to go where we can have a good, free and easy time.

F. & B.

A. Washington correspondent kindly furnishes the information desired as follows: --

Last fall there was first-class quail shooting on the Rappahannock bottoms near tide water. King George Court House is a good place of rendezvous, and from there one can move off in almost any direction and obtain good shooting. A general State law "posts" all lands in the State, but gentlemen can almost invariably obtain the privilege of shooting by proffering a polite request.

There is also good shooting to be had in Accomac County. Quail will be very plentiful in Maryland and Virginia next fall owing to the mild winter and the weather of the spring, which was favorable to the broods. Last fall was so hot and dry that dogs had considerable difficulty in working, and the quail were not slaughtered by the wholesale, as usual.

Forest and Stream
New York
August 26, 1880