Dispatch, February 17, 1889


Moral -- VigilantismAfrican-Americans -- Racial violence


The White Cap excitement continues here and at Accomac Courthouse. Several additional notices were received by parties here today, and all the recipients are arming themselves for emergencies. One young fellow who has just received a threatening notice has buckled on an old pepperbox pistol that has not done service since the war, and swears that he will shoot the first person who molests him. All these notices are written in peculiar hand with blood or red ink, and all of them are adorned with frightful cross-bones and skull. The greatest excitement prevails among the negroes, many of whom cannot be induced to leave their homes at night. The most searching investigation has failed to reveal any evidence of the existence of a real White Cap organization here, but the belief is quite prevalent among many persons that the White Caps are abroad in their section.

February 17, 1889