Peninsula Enterprise, October 6, 1888


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving serviceProfessionals -- Builders

Mr. A. J. Lilliston, Accomac C. H., has been awarded the contract by U.S. Government for building the new Life Saving Station on Metompkin beach.


Farmers -- Other

Capt. O. A. Browne succeeds Mr. C. H. Walbridge in the management of the Hollywood farm and the other interests of Hon. W. L. Scott at Cape Charles. Both are to be congratulated. The remuneration which Capt. Browne will receive is doubtless not to be despited, and Mr. Scott could have secured the services of no one who would in our opinion more conscientiously or intelligently discharge the duties required of him.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential developmentInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial developmentProfessionals -- Realtors and developers

Dr. Wm. Miller, general manager of the Peninsula Land and Improvement Co., was at Accomac C.H., last Tuesday, for the purpose of establishing an agency of said company at this point. Agents will be appointed at other places on Eastern Shore also. The company is backed by money and brains and proposing as it does to find purchasers for our surplus land, should have the encouragement of our people.


Transportation -- Water - Boat building


A handsome schooner being built for Capt. H. T. Chandler will soon be launched.


Transportation -- Water - Boat building


There is a genuine boom in "boat building" in our town at present under the supervision of our master mechanic, Mr. Joshua T. Sharpley. Of late the sloops of Capts. John W. Marshall and E. T. Melvin have been rebuilt and enlarged, large oyster boats are in course of construction for Messrs. J. T. and W. D. Sharpley -- and many others are to be built shortly.


Watermen -- Personal injuryAfrican-Americans -- Work - FisheriesMoral -- Firearms

Hoffman's Wharf.

Wilson Green, colored, has been missing from his home here for several days, and as he was in the habit of fishing alone in a 'dugout' which has since been seen adrift, the belief is that he has been drowned.

Charles Copes, a colored boy aged 7 years, of this locality, while fooling with a pistol one day last week, accidentally shot and killed himself.

Races at Pungoteague.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing

Two interesting races will come off on McConnell's track, Pungoteague, on next Friday, October 12th.

The first will be a trotting race between Twilight, owned by Walker Brothers, and Rufus, owned by Geo. W. Jacob, for $100 and gate receipts.

The second race will be between the bay pacer owned by Mr. Wm. C. Mapp of Accomac, and the grey pacer owned by Mr. E. Nottingham of Northampton, for a purse of $100.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
October 6, 1888