Peninsula Enterprise, June 23, 1888


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Newspapers

A supplement to the Enterprise appears with this issue, and as it enables us to give to our subscribers several columns more of reading matter than has been given them heretofore, we shall hope that the expense thereby incurred will be met by an increased patronage. At least we hope that the public will appreciate our efforts to serve them better by meeting promptly in the future their obligations to us. At this time especially do we need all that is due us, having recently purchased the Masonic building at an expense to us of $700. To meet the outlay and the additional cost of the supplement, we must have money and we hope all who owe us will pay us at once. Prompt payments with our present patronage will enable us to make other improvements in our paper, and if our appeal meets with the responses we have the right to expect, we shall continue to make them until the Enterprise is second to no weekly paper in Virginia.


Sea -- Finfish - Catch : DrumInfrastructure -- Utilities - Ice

Three thousand black drums, the catch of the fishing crew of the steamer Isaac Vesey, belonging to American Fish Guano Company, were unloaded at Hoffmans wharf last Wednesday. They were caught near the Capes, Tuesday. Most of them were sold at prices ranging from 25 cents to $1, and the balance placed on ice for shipment, if not disposed of soon to home purchasers.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Resorts

Special attention is invited to an advertisement, which appears in this issue, of the summer resort at Concord wharf Northampton. It is, as will be seen, conducted by M. L. T. LeCato, the mere mention of whose name is sufficient guarantee, that you will find there all the comforts necessary for spending the time pleasantly.


Moral -- Property crime

Severn Anthony, colored, was lodged in the county jail last Wednesday, on the charge of forgery, to await the action of the grand jury. He owed Taylor Bros., Pungoteague, a store bill and tried to pay the same with a certain paper purporting to be a guarantee or promise from Mr. Wm. E. Gilden to that effect.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Resorts

Messrs. Hill Melson, W. B. Myer, Mack and Isaac Koshland, Baltimore, "are taking in the pleasures on the water" near Accomac C. H., and the latter's prayers at the sight of a billow has won him the soubriquet of praying Isaac.


Architecture -- Other public buildings

Accomac C. H.

Work has been discontinued on the clerks office on account of failure to get material necessary to complete it from Baltimore. It is expected however daily, and should be ready for occupancy at the latest by the last of July.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - ExcursionsTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Boat racingInfrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateMoral -- Alcohol


Excursions to the beach, now engage daily the attention of our citizens. The latest, last Wednesday, was on schooner Keagle, with a party of a hundred or more.

The regatta which comes off here on the 4th of July, promises to be one of the grandest affairs of the kind ever held at this place.

During the late torrid season the ice cream business has been booming in our midst. Two elegantly appointed saloons have been unable to meet the demand.

Messrs. J. Tankard Doughty and John W. Heath were the purchasers of the Trower land recently sold in this vicinity at the prices respectively of $890.50 and $625.

Our two Temperance Societies, Good Templars and Independent Order Sons of Temperance, are operating very successfully at this time, and many of both sexes are joining the ranks of the Temperance Army.

Messrs. Stiles and Bulman leave here on 25th inst., with sloop Foster for Cape May, N. J., for the purpose of accommodating excursionists who are willing to give a reasonable amount of the "filthy lucre" in exchange for the services they will render.

Changes in the Road Law.

Transportation -- Road - MaintenanceTransportation -- Road - Legislation

The Commonwealth's attorney desires us to call the attention of road overseers and supervisors of each magisterial district to the following change in the road law: That before the court can authorize an overseer to make an expenditure to build or repair a bridge, or employ extra labor to put a road in order, the expenditure must be approved in writing by the supervisor of the district in which the expenditure is to be made, and such overseer shall return to the court a particular account, on oath, of all the expenses so incurred, and if the same be approved by the supervisor aforesaid, and the court be satisfied of the correctness of the account, it shall allow the same, or so much thereof as may be proper, to be paid out of the county fund.

Excursion to Salisbury.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Excursions

The efforts of the merchants of Salisbury, long talked of, to secure a portion of the trade of the people of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, have at last taken a practical shape. The committee of the Board of Trade of that town on May 30th last, waited on the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Company, for the purpose "of seeing if the company would lend some assistance as they could towards the development of the wholesale and retail business of Salisbury and to that end asked that the company make liberal excursion rates to Salisbury and return the entire year, or as long as they could practically do so without interference with other business and at certain seasons of the year to run special excursions." The company complied with their wishes and will begin to sell excursion tickets to Salisbury and return for $2.00 at most points on the E. S. of Va., on next Friday, June 29th, at which time an industrial exhibition is to be held at Salisbury.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
June 23, 1888