Peninsula Enterprise, June 30, 1888


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

Mt. Wharton, near Temperanceville, sold last week by Gunter & Blackstone, special commissioners, was bid off at $4,013 -- the main tract containing 188 acres, being purchased by Dr. T. H. Parramore, Hampton, at $1,810 -- 130 acres by Obed McCready at $1,325, and 44 acres by S. W. Matthews at $500.


Moral -- Property crime

Accomac C. H.

Richard Johnson, (col.) was lodged in jail yesterday to answer charge of larceny at grand jury term.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Millineries

Belle Haven.

Mrs. Sue Holt left by steamer Thursday for Baltimore, to purchase another supply of millinery goods.


Sea -- Shellfish - Clamming : SeasideSea -- Shellfish - Clamming : PricesLaborers -- FisheriesLaborers -- StrikesInfrastructure -- Public : Churches


The "clammer's" strike has not been very successful, as speculators still continue to buy the bivalves at 80cts per thousand.

The M. P. Church building at this place is to be handsomely papered, painted and otherwise improved at an early date.


Sea -- Shellfish - Crabbing : Bayside


Capt. H. Fitzgerald has shipped during the crab season thus far over 75,000 crabs -- nearly 400 dozen of the number were shipped in one day.


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Vessel property is in demand at this place. Several schooners of light draught have already been purchased this year on Muddy Creek, and others are wanted.

The schooner Samuel F. Byrd belonging to Mr. A. F. Mears and Capt. S. F. Byrd, which went ashore during the blizzard in March, was pulled off after being ditched, by the steamer Maggie of the E.S.S. Co., last week, at an expense of about $150.

About 260 barrels of Irish potatoes are now being shipped daily from Hallwood, and about 75 from Mearsville crossing.

A platform has been built at Mearsville crossing, opposite this place, by N.Y., P. & N. R.R. Co., and Mr. A. F. Mears has been appointed agent.

Mr. John O. Byrd has sold his farm near this place to Capt. Noah Davis at the price of $1,140.

The schooner, Miller, owned at Cape Charles, was recently purchased by Capt. Isaac Summers of this place.

The Irish potato crop in this section is very short this year. It is not thought now that the yield per acre will be more than half what it was last year.

The Poulson lot, containing two acres, sold here last Saturday, by Gunter & Blackstone, special commissioners, was bid off to Mr. Samuel A. Godwin at the sum of $325.25. The price is considered a fair one.


Infrastructure -- Public : Towns


Several buildings are to be erected this year in our town and vicinity.


Transportation -- Water - WharvesInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - HotelsProfessionals -- BuildersTransportation -- Water - Freight


The extensive improvements at Capt. Foote's fish factory are nearing completion, and fishing with his three steamers will begin next week.

The very neat and most substantial wharf of J. G. Nock has been completed and will greatly add to the convenience of those arriving and departing by water.

Messrs. Mears, Byrd and Scarburgh of this town are now on Hog Island, engaged in constructing a hotel for Supt. Ferrill, and erecting buildings for other parties thereon.

Capt. Wm. T. Stiles' schooner Keagle left this port for New York, laden with round potatoes, onions, &c., on the 27th inst., and will return loaded with coal.

Corner-Stone Laying at Temperanceville.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fraternal orders

Corner-stone laying by Temperanceville Lodge, No. 121, A. F. and A. M. at Temperanceville is announced for Wednesday July 25th. A musical entertainment will be given at night of same day, sandwitched by speeches by prominent Masons from abroad. An elegant supper will be served on the occasion, together with ice cream, confectioneries, &c.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
June 30, 1888