Peninsula Enterprise, May 26, 1888


Watermen -- Personal injury

A negro man named Thorogood Davis, in company with a boy, went out on Chincoteague bay in a sailing scow on Monday and while opposite Franklin the boat was capsized and Davis drowned. Through the efforts of Capt. Milton Young the boy was saved. The body of the drowned man has not been recovered.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Law enforcement

The oyster police boats were ordered off duty April 30th, when Hon. J. W. G. Blackstone wrote to Gov. Lee and Treasurer Harman of the Board of the Chesapeake and Tributaries, requesting their retention and succeeded in having them kept on duty during the present month.


Fields -- Crops - Strawberries

Strawberries have been paying well -- prices reaching 18 to 20 cents per basket.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal service

Among changes in mail service made by 2nd Asst. P. M. General Knott, on Wednesday, we note: "Virginia Curtail route No. 11.173 to end at Locustville, omitting Wachapreague and Locustmount, decrease of 5 miles in distance; Curtail route No. 11.697 to end at Marsh Market, omitting Sykes and Sanford, decrease in distance 5 miles.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionProfessionals -- BuildersMoral -- FirearmsMoral -- Vandalism

Accomac C. H.

The beautiful house of L. Floyd Nock's is nearly ready for the plasterers. It is a credit to the builder, Jona Parks. All the work shows care and painstaking of a high degree, and challenges comparison.

George Powell, a young man in his teens, living near here, shot himself in the right hand on Monday night, while monkeying with a pistol -- carrying an immense ball the size of a goose shot. -- He found out the pistol, at least, was loaded.

Some hoodlum who preferred darkness to light for the all-sufficient reason that his deeds are evil, on Tuesday smashed the lamp on the corner of Main and Court streets. Constable L. James Gunter will be happy to interview him, as he has a reward he is authorized to pay him.

Wm. E. Lewis, one of the best of our young builders, has just completed an exceedingly neat cottage for our barber, Ernest Koenig. He is now busy at work on the house of Geo. F. Parramore, which when completed will be one of the finest dwellings in the county. -- Capt. "Bill" knows his business, and whoever employs him may be sure no mistake has been made in choosing a man who puts his brains in his work.


Infrastructure -- Public : Churches

Belle Haven.

Rev. C. D. Crawley left on Monday for Hog Island to assist in a revival progressing there.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Waterfowl and shorebirdSea -- EggingFields -- FertilizerSea -- Fish factoriesFields -- Livestock - SheepSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Seed


The sportsmen are enjoying themselves, and wild fowl and their eggs are unusually abundant.

John W. Bunting has just sent three large vessel loads of his excellent fish guano and oil to Philadelphia.

Wallop's Island sheep penning will take place on Tuesday, June 12th, at which time a large number of sheep and lambs will be offered for sale.

The oyster seed boats -- legions of which have been bringing the infant bivalves from the Chesapeake to be matured to full luscious oysterhood in the fat beds of our bay, will haul off from work this week.

Our irrepressible -- fisher of fishes -- persistent admirer and capturer of "old wives" -- will spread his nets about the 10th of June, and you may be sure he'll take 'em in. The name of Bunting's fish guano is too well known to need "whooping up."


Forests -- SawmillsFields -- Crops - Other vegetablesFields -- Crops - Strawberries


The steam saw mill of Messrs. Gordon Jones & Bros., lately burnt out, is now in full blast. Energy and pluck will tell.

Our farmers are busy shipping peas and strawberries at fancy prices.


Infrastructure -- Public : Churches


Never were our merchants doing a better business than now.

The foundation work on the new M. P. Church in Hunting Creek Neck has already begun.

Election at Onancock.

Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Town

At the election yesterday for town officers of Onancock the ticket known as the "Northam Ticket," that is the ticket opposed to the condemnation of land for public uses as heretofore proposed, was elected: James C. Weaver, Mayor; Smith Walters, W. C. West, Geo. Kilmon, and T. A. T. Joynes, Sr., Councilmen.

The boys have promptly dubbed Mr. Northam the John Kelly of Onancock.

Eastern Shore Agricultural Fair.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racingTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fairs

Pursuant to appointment the Eastern Shore Agricultural Fair Committee met on the Fair Grounds on the 21st inst., and completed their arrangements for the fair of this season, which will open on the 21st day of August, and continue four days. Space and many improvements will be added to the old grounds this year such as will contribute both to the appearance of the surroundings and to the comfort of all who may be in attendance. The track will be extended to a full half mile, the stables rebuilt, and many other improvements too numerous to mention will be made. The premiums also will be as liberal as possible, a list of which will be published in the ENTERPRISE several weeks previous to the fair. Boarding tent, confectionery and other public privileges will be let to the highest bidder at public auction, on the Fair Grounds, on Wednesday, the 13th day of June, at 2 o'clock p. m.





Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 26, 1888