Peninsula Enterprise, December 1, 1888


Moral -- Alcohol

The Judge of the county court of Accomac, on a petition of more than one-fourth of the qualified voters of Lee District, has issued a writ of election, for a special election to be held in said district, on the question "of granting or not granting liquor license" in said district. Said election to be held on Saturday, 5th day of January, 1889.


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Accomac C. H.

Mr. A. J. McCready, Leemont, was the lowest bidder and was awarded the contract by the Board of Supervisors, last Monday, for furnishing the gratings for upper windows of the new clerk's office. His bid was $178.

The Doughty hotel enlarged of late by raising it a story now can furnish accommodations second to none on the Peninsula. It now has plenty of rooms large, comfortable and well kept and its cuisine is voted by all who stop there as superb.

County court was not in session Monday, owing to inclement weather. It met, however, on Tuesday and the grand jury empanneled on that day was adjourned over until Friday and was in session at the time of going to press. -- Charges of violation of the local option law are being considered by them.


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Belle Haven.

Two new dwellings are to be built soon in our town on lots purchased recently of Mr. Wm. S. Kellam.


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The oysters of Chincoteague bay are about as good and as much in demand as they were last season, despite the assertions of your Greenbackville correspondent to the contrary. Our primes are now selling in the northern markets from $4 to $5 per barrel, and culls from $2.75 to $3.25.

The hotel recently completed here by Mr. D. J. Whealton, will be opened shortly with Mr. George Hammond of Berlin, Md., as proprietor. He arrived here with his family this week.

The Atlantic hotel has been full of late with northern sportsmen, and they report that they never had so good a time or saw so much game in our waters as at present. They praise the menu of the Atlantic, the polite attention given them, the efficient guides furnished them, and after spending a few days here in shooting go home happy, loaded with brandt duck, geese &c., to return again as soon as possible. Canvas back duck, which have not been seen here for several years, are now being killed daily in our waters.

Lieut. J. F. Wild, in accordance with an order from Washington, has advertised the U.S. Revenue sloop Report for sale at public auction, on Wednesday, December 5th, 12 m., sharp.

Our building boom continues despite the inclement weather of late, and handsome dwellings are nearing completion for Dr. R. W. White, Capt. John W. Bunting, Dennard Mallett, Wm. Andrews and others.


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Several tenant houses are to be built soon by Major Pitchard, on his property in our town.

Small shipments of oysters are being sent daily over D. M. & V. R.R. by our citizens, but the returns are by no means remunerative.

The new store of Mr. C. B. Mason of this place, has been completed and will be stocked with new goods shortly.


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The terrific storm of last Monday night did much damage in this vicinity. The roof of a tenant house on the bay shore occupied by John Spence, and owned by John W. H. Parker, was blown off, and the family thereby deprived of protection from the storm. -- They were compelled to take to their boat, and after extreme peril, having been on the water several hours exposed to the open fury of the storm, they succeeded in landing at Charles Atkins' where they procured shelter for the night. The Tangier got in the creek about 3 p.m. but was unable to reach this wharf, and had to cast anchor opposite John W. H. Parker's, where she remained until the abatement of the storm on the following morning. -- The schooners Wm. M. Powell and Chas. P. Finney, lying at Finney's wharf, broke from their moorings and were driven ashore high and dry.

Mr. Frank D. Parks is having a tenant house built on Joynes street.

Col. Chamberlayne, general custom house inspector, was in town Saturday. On examination he found everything at this office in ship-shape.

The requisite number of names has obtained, and the petition praying Judge Garrison to order another election to decide whether the district shall be "wet" or "dry" has been handed in.

A Card.

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EDITOR OF ENTERPRISE: -- Will you give me space for a testimonial, bearing record to the worthiness of all connected with the Eastern Shore Steamer Tangier -- from the Capt., clerk, steward and all the crew down to the lowest deck hand. Their kindness was so manifested to me while journeying from my home to Snow Hill and return, on my return during the heavy gale on Monday and Monday night -- that I wish to say for them and to the traveling public, that for urbanity, morals and christian like deportment they are to be commended. Their attention to me was so marked, I, in my autumn days capable of receiving such with a lasting impression, that my soul overflows with joy upon each remembrance of it.

Very respectfully,


Onancock, Nov. 27th.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
December 1, 1888