Peninsula Enterprise, May 12, 1888


reprinted from Cape Charles Pioneer.Infrastructure -- Public : Churches

The Southern Methodist Church of Cape Charles will be dedicated May 20th (third Sunday). Dedicatory sermon preached and church dedicated by W. V. Tudor, D. D., of Norfolk. The Rev. Doctor is one among the ablest divines in the United States, and none should miss the opportunity of hearing him on this occasion.


Transportation -- Water - Channel and harbor dredging

The river and harbor bill which has just passed U.S. House of Representatives, appropriates for waterway from Chincoteague bay to Delaware bay, $50,000. In addition to the appropriations made for actual improvements by said bill provision is also made for surveys and reports in Virginia, of Onancock harbor and Occohannock Creek.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Newspapers

The Eastern Virginian newspaper and job office will be sold at public auction at Onancock, this afternoon by Upshur B. Quinby, trustee.


Fields -- Livestock - Horses

A horse valued at $500, belonging to Messrs. Geo. W. and Jeff D. Jacob, Belle Haven, sent to Baltimore to be sold, died last week.



Many of our schools in this district have been closed on account of the prevalence of measles. The attendance at other schools is greatly reduced. The eight months contracted for, expire on the 18th inst., at which time all our schools will be closed. Some of the teachers wished to make up for lost days; but the district board have decided not to permit this under existing circumstances.


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The fine yacht of Hamilton Disston of Philadelphia, filled with sportsmen, touched at this point on the 9th inst.

Messrs. A. T. Mears & Co., Masons, of this town, left for Hog Island on the 10th inst., with a view of securing the contract for the building of several houses on the island for a Mr. Ferrell.

Beach birds and bird eggs were never more abundant with us and all who go hunting for eggs return loaded daily. Now is the time for sportsmen fond of egging and shooting to visit the Island.

Fish are plentiful with us and of best quality -- and everybody catches all they want and to spare with hand line.

The handsome drug store of Dr. N. S. Smith is now nearly ready for occupancy and he will open out there shortly, with a full line of drugs and other material in his line.

A. S. Kellam having rebuilt his handsome, swift pleasure yacht Carrie, is now engaged in putting the finishing touches upon her preparatory to launching, which will take place soon.

Our channel is filled with large and small boats engaged in the oyster planting business. Everybody will make the most of the time between this and the prohibited season, now near at hand. Very few shipments are now being made of the bivalves to market.

Our milliners return from the city to day with their stock of goods and the display this season is expected to be especially fine, and our girls always pretty will be just irresistible, when they have donned their new spring hats. Their turnout on the first Sunday thereafter is looked forward to with interest.

Dr. N. S. Smith arrived home last week with a fine Morrill trotter, for which he paid $400 and immediately challenged the swifters here for a trial of speed. The challenge was accepted by Mr. Peterson, and an exciting race was the result last Saturday. the Morrill passed under the wire ahead.


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George W. T. Bell of Parramore's Beach Station, is having a two-story building erected in that portion of our town called "Brooklyn," and James T. Johnson, known as "Chippy," one also in that part known as "New York."

Large quantities of drum and trout fish are being caught in our waters at present, the finest seen for many years, at this season.

An ice house, which has been needed in this town for a long time, is now being built by Messrs. Powell & Garrison, which they will fill in a few days with Northern ice.

A sudden change for the better has come over the "boys" of our town. -- Many of whom having trespassed in an improper manner, and having been called to task by the town authorities, have avowed their purposes to lead more upright and blameless lives in the future.

Change of Mail Route.

reprinted from Baltimore Sun.Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Lighthouse serviceInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Quarantine, federalInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal service

Second Assistant Postmaster-General Knott has changed mail route now from Bayview to Cheapside, Northampton county, Va., to run from Bayview via Capeville to Bayview. The service on the route has been increased from three to six times a week. Brighton, although a newly established office, is considered quite important by the department, and it supplies mail to the Cape Charles light station, as well as the life saving and quarantine station near this point..

Valuable Property Destroyed by Fire.

Forests -- Sawmills

The large saw and planing mill and barrel factory of Messrs. Gordon B. Jones & Bro., located near Hallwood, on the New York, Phila. and Norfolk Railroad, together with several thousand feet of lumber, barrel staves and tenant house were entirely destroyed by fire last Sunday morning. Its origin was accidental and started about the boiler -- in what manner is a matter of conjecture, as no one was present at the time of the burning of the property. The accident could doubtless have been averted had not the night watchman who was employed to look after the property deserted his post of duty. He says he left the mill after 2 a.m., and everything was all right at the time. -- There was no insurance on the property. The loss to the owners is estimated from $10,000 to $20,000 and the probabilities are that the latter figures are more correct, certainly if the failure of Messrs. Jones & Bro., to fill their contracts for barrels and building material, due to the accident is taken into consideration. Another saw mill will be purchased by the Messrs. Jones & Bro. at once, and operations be resumed in every branch of their business as soon as practicable.

Chesapeake Agricultural Fair Association.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fairs

A mass-meeting of the people of Northampton and Accomac and all interested in the success of the Chesapeake Agricultural Fair Association will be held in the courthouse at Eastville Monday, court day, on May 14th -- at which time books will be opened and kept open for subscriptions to the stock of the Chesapeake Agricultural Fair Association. The meeting will be addressed by speakers from abroad upon the subject of agriculture and the farming interests of our section. Come one, come all.



Letter to the Farmers.

Farmers -- Innovation

To the People of the First Congressional District.

By appointment of the Governor, I am a member of the State Agricultural Board. To the discharge of all the duties connected therewith, I shall devote my best energies.

In all that relates to the farming interest of this district, I ask the hearty co-operation of my fellow citizens, and especially to whatever refers to the subjects Agricultural, Chemistry, Immigration and general farming interest of the State -- three committees on which I have been placed. I shall be glad at all times to receive and answer inquiries to general subjects bearing on agriculture. I hope that there will be one or more regular correspondents from each magisterial district of each county; and that the people and the Board may be brought closely together, that each may learn the wants of the other, and to secure this as a settled measure suggest that the farmers take such action in each locality as they may deem best, and communicate with me.

I am, Very Respectfully.


Accomac C H., Va.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 12, 1888