Peninsula Enterprise, February 27, 1886


reprinted from Norfolk Public LedgerTransportation -- Railroad - Barges and floatsWeather -- Northeast storms

During the gale of Saturday last, as the tug Norfolk was on her way to Cape Charles City with a barge of loaded railroad cars in tow, the rolling of the barge in the heavy seas caused three of the cars to go overboard. Two of them went over bodily, and the third left its trucks on the barge. Two of the cars were loaded with cotton, and one with baled shucks, and bound northward. All will probably be picked up. They have since been seen off Smith's Island.


Moral -- Other violent crime

The jury in the case of the Commonwealth vs. Fisher, charged with cutting with intent to maim Jno. W. Savage, tried at February term of our court, failed to agree.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : School administration

James T. Nottingham has been appointed superintendent of public schools for Northampton county.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal serviceTransportation -- Water - Freight

The Eastern Shore Steamboat Company by a recent order of the Postoffice Department does not now carry the mails south of Crisfield. The change is regarded as a discrimination against Baltimore and is objected to by citizens of some parts of county as well as in Baltimore.


Weather -- Northeast stormsInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving serviceProfessionals -- MarinersInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Lighthouse service


Our weather observer reports velocity of wind last Saturday 52 miles an hour, the heaviest during the winter.

Capt. Wm. Collins has retired from Life station at Green Run, and now commands a yacht of Mumford & Bro., plying between Chincoteague and Philadelphia.

The Killick shoal light is nearly completed, and the question has not been solved yet as to who is to be its keeper. A Democrat is entitled to the place even under the civil service humbug administration of Mr. Cleveland, it being a new light, but the matter has been so clumsily handled, if not neglected altogether by our representative, Mr. Croxton, that the third colored assistant keeper of Assateague light is likely to fill the place. Commander Evans alone seems to be consulted in the matter, though Chincoteague is in the jurisdiction of Captain White.


Moral -- Other violent crimeInfrastructure -- Commercial - Grist millsInfrastructure -- Commercial - HotelsMoral -- AlcoholInfrastructure -- Public : Schools


During an altercation between some colored brethren at their church near Horntown last Sunday, one John Wharton stabbed Edmond Emanuel in the abdomen, and afterwards pursued him to his home and tried to kill him, but was prevented. He is now boarding at the county hotel, sometimes called the jail.

The mill property recently advertised for sale by Mr. Solomon T. Johnson, did not come off as announced. The interest of Mr. Dixon was purchased by Mr. W. S. Hancock at private sale. Under the management of Margerum & Hancock it is thought, new life will be infused in the enterprise.

Our hotel has been recently remodeled, repainted, &c., bar room detached from house so that the little petty annoyances may be removed, which sometimes arise from partaking too much of the "ardent," and its old proprietor now caters to the tastes of his guests in such a way, that having called once, you will be sure to call again.

A graded school is the all absorbing topic here, and its necessity is suggested hourly by the fact that the school room of one of our teachers is almost in the street, and the road the only playground of the pupils. Our place and vicinity having a large school population, why should not the same facilities be provided us as has been for many other parts of the county?


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate


Mr. John T. Powell has recently bought a lot at Parksley station, at the price of $300.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
February 27, 1886