Peninsula Enterprise, November 13, 1886


Weather -- Snow storms

The first snow of the season fell here last Saturday and ice was seen in several places the following morning.



Belle Haven.

Mr. Don J. Walling, who bought the Floyd farm on the suburbs of our town some years ago and who has since lived here and done so much to build up our town has moved back to Philadelphia, to the regret of every one in our community.


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Fair Oaks.

The pack of hounds of Messrs. Ed Fox and W. M. Turlington gave "Reynard" an exciting chase in Bradford's Neck last week. The gentlemen after the chase were entertained at an elaborate oyster roast. It is claimed that their pack is the finest on the Eastern Shore.

Mr. John E. Harmon is having a handsome dwelling erected at this place.

A revival meeting is now in progress at Oak Grove church, conducted by Rev. Dr. Rosser.

A fight was witnessed by several persons of this place last week, between two bald eagles of enormous size, in mid-air. It lasted several minutes and "being a fight to the finish," they buried their talons into each other so deep that they could not be withdrawn, and in that condition lodged in the top of a tree, where they were shot by Ezekiel Burton, colored.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideProfessionals -- Seafood dealers


Messrs. John F. Powell and W. J. M. Sharpley of Greenbackville, are in Norfolk looking after the oyster trade.


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Hoffman's Wharf.

A Morrill colt, 1 year old, for which $150 had been offered the owner, Mr. John W. White, died last week.

A lodge of Good Templars organized at the Evergreen church, near here, less than 3 months ago, has 79 members.

At a meeting conducted by Rev. Leo Rosser, at Evergreen church, which closed last week, 72 persons were converted. The Sabbath school of the church has 162 members -- teachers and pupils.

The three-masted schooner, O. Coke, has just arrived in our port loaded with cypress lumber for the enterprising firm of S. K. Martin & Co. It is claimed and justly, we think, that no dealers in their line on the Eastern Shore sell cheaper. Every kind of building material can be had at their place of business -- doors, sash, lime, brick, wide cypress boards for boats, house boxing, cypress well tubing at 2 1-4 cents per foot, sap shingles from $3 to $6.50 per thousand, heart shingles from $4 to $10.50 -- everything in fact at "rock bottom prices."


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The steamer Tuckahoe, which has been plying between this place and New York during the potato season made her last trip on Wednesday -- the number of barrels which she had taken away this year aggregating 16,000 barrels or more.

Our people are greatly incensed at the effort of the N.Y., P. & N. R.R. Co., to run our politics, and will make an effort to have enough steamers put on line another season, between here and New York to take away their produce.

A handsome residence is being erected near here for Mr. John J. Gunter.


OnancockInfrastructure -- Public : Churches.

Despite the hard times, the building boom continues here.

The protracted meeting which for several days has been in successful operation at the Baptist church, closed last Wednesday night -- at which time several of the converts were baptized.


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A large barge is kept here all the time by the Booth Oyster Packing Co., of Baltimore to receive the oysters which are forwarded weekly to Baltimore.

The fish pounds have not been taken up yet and a few good fish are being caught.

Oysters are being caught by our citizens in fair quantities and sell from 30 to 35 cents per bushel.

An interesting revival conducted by Rev. Wm. K. Galloway in the upper part of the Island has closed. Fourteen persons were converted.


Infrastructure -- Public : Churches


Enough money has been subscribed to pay the entire indebtedness of the M. E. Church, South recently dedicated at this place. The cost of removal from old site and repairs was about $1,000. -- It was made larger and is quite a handsome structure.

To the Public.

Professionals -- Builders

The following in reply to a communication which appears in the Eastern Virginian of yesterday over the signature of G. Welly Coard, explains itself.

ACCOMACK C. H., Nov. 8, '86.

In the columns of the PENINSULA ENTERPRISE of the 6th inst., appears a local which is intended to make the people believe Messrs. Jona Parks and William Stevenson are the contractors and builders of the Methodist Church at Coard's Branch. The editor of that paper personally knows that I am the contractor, and these gentlemen who are "skillful hands," are but my employees. It is the intentional misrepresentation to injure me to which I object.


In reply to the above we append the following certificate:

"This is to certify, that I was the contractor and builder of the church at Coard's Branch. I contracted to build it for a certain sum of money, employed and paid all the hands. G. Welly Coard was one of the committee which employed me and if he had any further connection with the job in any way I am not aware of it. He never came to inspect the work even a single time while the church was being built."


The editor of this paper has further to say that the charge made against him of "intentional misrepresentation," as the above proves, is a lie.

Serious Accident.

Moral -- FirearmsTourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Rabbit and squirrel

On last Saturday Mr. Elijah P. Milliner, a well known farmer, who lives near Locustville, while out hunting seriously hurt himself. He had killed a rabbit and in holding it over his head to attract the attention of his dogs, his gun was accidentally discharged, the load taking effect in his left arm at the elbow, tearing away the flesh up to the wrist and breaking the bones in several places. Mr. Milliner had the gun between his knees at the time, and it is thought, was discharged by catching his boot strap over the lock of the gun. His arm was amputated last Tuesday by Drs. John W. Kellam, Robinson and Leatherbury. It was feared he could not survive the operation and he could not live if it had not been made. Contrary to expectation, however, he revived immediately after his arm was amputated and at this writing, it is thought, will recover.

Incendiary Fire.

Moral -- Vandalism

On Wednesday night of last week the store house of Jno. R. Sturgis at Coal Kiln, occupied by G. Alvin Fox was burned and there is but little doubt that it was work of an incendiary. No fire had been kindled in the stove for three days and for several hours before the fire occurred the lamp lights had been carefully put out by Mr. Fox, about 8 o'clock, before leaving for his home on the opposite side of the road. At 11 1-2 o'clock Mr. Fox was attracted to the store by a noise -- at which time no signs of fire were discovered, but an hour later he awoke to find the house in flames. Mr. Fox lost everything the store contained, including his books. His loss is about $1,600 -- insurance $800.

Temperance Meeting.

Moral -- Alcohol

MR. EDITOR -- Dear Sir: -- The temperance convention will meet at Parksley, at 10 a. m., on Wednesday, the 24th and not on the 30th as the last ENTERPRISE says.

Allow me through this notice to urge every neighborhood to be well represented by all temperance men who can attend.


Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 13, 1886