Peninsula Enterprise, July 4, 1885


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Resorts

Cobb's Island, popular as a summer resort with so many of our people, it will be seen by advertisement in our issue of today is only now a few hours ride from the remotest part of our peninsula. Everyone has such a kind word for the proprietor, Mr. Spady, that praise from us of his management of affairs at the place is unnecessary.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal serviceTransportation -- Railroad - Freight

The mail contract to carry the mails from Cape Charles City to Norfolk has been awarded to the New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad Company.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Excursions

A beach party given by the Drummondtown Jolly Club last Tuesday, was one of the most delightful events of the season.


Transportation -- Railroad - Steamboats

The steamer Cape Charles disabled last week by the breaking of a part of her machinery, has received the necessary repairs and is again on the line.


Moral -- Murder

Counsel for Mr. Samuel Taylor, were heard on a motion to have him released on bail, this week, on the ground that his health was being impaired by confinement. The judge declined to bail him, but authorized the sheriff to allow him the privileges of the jail yard during the day.


Moral -- FirearmsInfrastructure -- Public : ChurchesArchitecture -- CourthousesMoral -- Murder


A fight in Ticktown last Saturday night, between a man and a worthless woman, resulted in her leaving for parts unknown. We have a few more of the same kind that would not be missed.

The habit of carrying concealed weapons by the boys and young men in our midst is almost universal. A few arrests and convictions for this violation of law would have a wholesome effect.

Our Baptist friends are hammering away at a new parsonage, all enclosed and will soon be ready for the Parson. -- Their contemplated festival on the 4th is to raise funds for this worthy object.

Our people who voted against the court house on the railroad say their success settled the question of a new court house, and hope the new Board of Supervisors, whom they elected, will not go back on them and build one in Drummondtown.

Mrs. Hill, one of the victims of the recent tragedy is slowly improving. -- Since the shooting reason has been dethroned until yesterday when she became herself again. Her first questions were for Jennie and when informed of the facts in the case her grief was heart rending to witness. The stricken family have received letters of commiseration and sympathy from many sections of our country. We shall not be surprised to hear of other cases of shooting.


African-Americans -- SocietyTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Holidays


Every colored person of this section, that can rake up 'chick' enough, will go to Onancock on the 4th inst.

Mr. T. J. Killmon received a fine pair of English fox hounds from Coatsville, Pa.Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Dogs, a few days ago.


Fields -- Crops - Other fruitFields -- Crops - CornInfrastructure -- Commercial - BrickyardsInfrastructure -- Commercial - HotelsProfessionals -- BuildersForests -- Forest products - LumberTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Sailing


Blackberries and whortleberries are being shipped by our merchants.

Corn is worth 65 cents per bushel in our village and scarce.

The brick business engages the attention of Messrs. G. P. & Sylvanus Parks. A kiln will be in market soon of their manufacture.

Work will be begun on the new hotel next Monday at Cape Charles, of our townsman, Mr. W. J. Lewis. The lumber for same was shipped by rail from Parksley station.

Moonlight sailing parties are the favorite amusements of our young people.

Northampton County.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

Transfers of real estate during the month of June, 1885.

J. J. Murtyne & ux. & Louis Moore & ux. to James M. Dunton & ux., 4 acres of land in Occohonnock Neck for $80.

Wm. L. Scott & ux. to J. W. Carroll of Somerset county, Md., lot no. 594 in the town of Cape Charles for $165.

Wm. L. Scott & ux. to Lorenzo Brittingham, in the town of Cape Charles, lot no. 518 for $320.

J. J. Martyne & ux. and Louis Moore & ux. to Thomas C. Horsey and Wm. E. Wolfe 71 acres in Occohonnock Neck for $134.

Wm. L. Scott, & Sally J. Savage, lots No. 514 and 515, in the town of Cape Charles, for $550.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
July 4, 1885