Peninsula Enterprise, November 7, 1885


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Customs service

Mr. George H. Bagwell is soon to be commissioned deputy collector of customs, and the office is to be at Onancock instead of Accomac C. H., as at present.


Capt. G. G. Savage, collector of customs, has recommended for appointment as deputies, Mr. W. F. R. Cropper, of Chincoteague and Charles H. Savage, Esq., Cherrystone.


Moral -- Vandalism

An unoccupied tenant house on the farm of Mr. A. J. Mears, near Keller station of the value of about $250 was burned on the 3rd instant. The fire was evidently of incendiary origin but the motive which prompted the act is not even conjectured and cause for suspicion attaches to no one.


Professionals -- BuildersLaborers -- ConstructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionArchitecture -- Courthouses

Accomac C. H.

The building operations of our townsman, Mr. G. Welly Coard, now extend from Cape Charles City to Accomac C.H., and he now has in his employ 26 men. He has contracted to build handsome dwellings for Mr. Pat Savage at Cape Charles, Mr. Jones at Eastville and Mr. Lumley on farm near Eastville, storehouses for Messrs. N. H. Fisher and Nat Fitchett and dwelling for Mr. Edward Custis are being built under his supervision at Eastville. Handsome dwellings have been nearly completed by him for Messrs. John Hopkins at Locustville and Wm. J. Coleburn at Accomac C.H. Our courthouse too is receiving handsome improvements under his skillful management. But Welly's extended operations are not surprising to anyone. First-class builders like him always command the services of the public.

Races at Pungoteague.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing


A trotting race will come off on McConnell's track at Pungoteague, on Thursday, November 12th, next, between Beryl, owned by Mr. Avery of Maryland and Stonewall, which formerly belonged to Mr. Thomas McConnell but is now the property of Walker Bros. The race will be mile heats, best three in five and for a purse of $500.


Another trotting race also has been arranged to come off at Pungoteague on McConnell's track on Thursday, Nov. 19th, between Beryl and Lady Bennett, owned by Mr. L. H. White, of Maryland for a purse of $1,000 and gate money -- mile heats best 3 in 5 to harness.

Northampton County.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateForests -- Timber rights

Transfers of real estate during October:

James D. Rayfield of Anne Arundel county, Md., to Isaac D. Robins, 11 1-2 acres near Marionville; $125.

Mary W. Smith to John Saunders, 3 acres near Bayview; $100.

George W. Widgeon & ux. to John Saunders, 3 acres of timber land near Bayview; $125.

Elizabeth Dunton to Obed Kelly, dower interest of said Dunton in farm of David A. Dunton, deceased.

George Widgen and ux. to Mary W. Smith, 40 acres of land near Bayview; $490.

Mary W. Smith to George W. Widgen, 66 acres near Bayview; $865.

Wm. L. Scott and ux. to Daniel McCullough and Sarah E. Floyd, Lot No. 532 in the town of Cape Charles; $200.

Margaret S. Bland & al. to Wm. F. & George T. Pearson, part of Butts point farm in Accomac; $315.

John H. Dewald & ux. to John G. Watmongle of Phila. Pa., 40 97-100 acres the Ayres land; $4,250.

R. V. Nottingham & ux. to Alexander Baker, 3 1-2 acres more or less near Eastville $123.57.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 7, 1885