Peninsula Enterprise, November 14, 1885


reprinted from Eastern Shore Herald.Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Lighthouse service

An effort was made on last Tuesday to displace John Goffigon, Light Keeper at Smith's Island. The examination of his case took place at Cape Charles City. It is quite an anomaly that examinations have to be made, in order to remove Republican office holders under a Democratic Administration.


Moral -- Other violent crimeTourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Trespass

Major Geo. P. Barnes was attacked and seriously beaten by gunners on his premises near Newstown on Saturday last. Nor did the outrage committed on him stop there, even after he had retreated to his house his assailants continued their attacks upon him, shooting at him through the doors and windows. We know nothing as to the cause which led to the attack, but we can hardly conceive any reason why the sanctity of a man's own premises should be so violated and its owner so seriously punished. It is to be hoped that the matter will be properly investigated and justice meted out as the evidence warrants.


Transportation -- Water - Aids to navigation

The annual report of the Light House Board makes an estimate for special appropriation to Chincoteague buoy depot $1,250. Winter Quarter Shoal Light-Ship, $30,000.


Architecture -- Courthouses

Our courthouse is rapidly being thoroughly renovated and repaired. The exterior is being improved by mansard roof, steeple, larger windows and still other improvements are to follow. The interior has been so remodeled as to be not only more roomy but in every way more comfortable by removal of gallery, change of stairway, &c.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial construction


A handsome new dwelling has been nearly completed for Mr. Thomas G. Nock.

Mr. S. Warner has had a storehouse erected on a lot, recently purchased at Oak Hall station.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : PricesInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Customs serviceWeather -- Rain stormsProfessionals -- Lumbermen


Tom Cove oysters are selling at $1.75 per bushel and oysters on eastern side at 75 cents per bushel. Capt. Wm. Risley has bought 3,000 bushels at above prices and two of his schooners are being loaded with them at this time.

Mr. W. F. R. Cropper is having a new building erected for a Custom House.

Our U. S. Signal Observer reports that ten inches of rain fell here on Sunday -- the heaviest rain fall of the season.

Robert C. Loney, wholesale lumber dealer of New York, has rented rooms at the Atlantic Hotel and proposes to make Chincoteague his future home.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Quarantine, federal

Northampton County.

The quarantine at Fisherman's inlet has been discontinued.


Fields -- Livestock - HorsesInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionProfessionals -- BuildersLaborers -- Construction


Mr. Wm. E. Floyd shipped a fine Morgan colt on last Saturday, to a purchaser in Northampton.

Mr. A. J. McMath's dwelling is nearing completed, and it sustains the well-known reputation of Mr. J. H. Hargis. The inside work by Mr. Wm. T. Rayfield of Modestown, shows him to be a skillful mechanic.

Bazaar at Accomac C. H.

Infrastructure -- Public : Churches

The bazaar to be held at Accomac C. H., on Wednesday, November 25, under the auspices of the ladies of the Episcopal church, promises to be the most interesting event of the season. Its object is to secure funds for the benefit of the rectory, but the real benefit will accrue to those who will aid by their presence and the small pittance it may cost them for the worthy cause. An elegant supper will be one of the attractions. Ladies' handwork, fancy articles, sweet meats, ice cream, etc., will invite the attention and the happiness of the purchasers will be commensurate with their own liberality. Music, also, will be numbered among the attractions. And lastly, but by no means least, the approving smiles which the truly liberal patrons of the bazaar will receive from the bevy of pretty and interesting ladies who will conduct it, will be compensation beyond measure.

Childrens Revival Meeting.

Infrastructure -- Public : ChurchesInfrastructure -- Public : Schools

On yesterday, during playtime, the pupils of Locustville Academy had a prayer and revival meeting, and almost unconsciously to themselves, it resulted in the conversion of five young ladies, whose ages range from 9 to 15 years old. At first, the lady by whom they are taught was disposed to treat the matter lightly, but upon profession of faith, and further questioning them, she discovered that a miraculous moral change had been brought in their characters, and they exclaimed that God was their father, Jesus their Savior, and the Holy Spirit their comforter and intercessor. Fragmentary notices of the work of God among students in the English and Scotch Universities, as well as this country have taken place, and will you not give this note a place in your paper, especially as the five new converts made their instructress promise to hold Monday prayer meetings during the coming week. Is this outpouring a legitimate fruit of Rev. Mr. Vaden's protracted meeting? The prayers of the church are solicited, that every child under her guardianship may be savingly converted.


Locustville, Nov. 7 '85.

Racing at Pungoteague.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing


A trotting race will come off at Pungoteague on McConnell's track on Thursday, Nov. 19th, between Beryl and Lady Bennett, owned by Mr. L. H. White, of Maryland for a purse of $1,000 and gate money -- mile heats best 3 in 5 to harness.


The race between Stonewall and Beryl did not come off as announced on account of sickness of Beryl, to the regret of the large crowd assembled to witness the trotting match from Eastville to the Maryland line, Norfolk, Crisfield and other points. It is due to Mr. Avery, the owner of Beryl to say that we believe his horse was in no condition to speed at all and certainly not with so formidable a competitor as Stonewall. Beryl was put on the track a few hours only before time of race and the spectators present say that she was entirely "out of fix." But for the mishap the race would doubtless have been a fine one. The pleasant day, the tiptop condition of the track, the elegant dinner of mine host Winder, everything else was all that could be desired. Beryl it is believed will certainly be in condition to trot the race with Lady Bennett next Thursday.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 14, 1885