Peninsula Enterprise, March 28, 1885


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Hon. J. M. Jeffries, on Wednesday last, delivered his opinion in the case of Frank Burkman vs. Commonwealth of Virginia, which went up to the Circuit Court on a writ of error to the judgment of the County Court, pronounced in May 1884, granting the prisoner a new trial. Burkman was convicted and sentenced to be hanged on the 27th of September, 1884. From this judgment his counsel appealed to the Circuit Court. At the September term the case was continued because of the absence of counsel representing the Commonwealth.


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Accomac C. H.

Mr. G. Welly Coard purchased, last week, the fine three-year old Morrell colt of Mr. John J. Hopkins, at the price of $250.

Three and one-quarter acres of woodland, known as the Stratton land and in a few miles of courthouse, were sold at public auction last Wednesday, by Rev. P. A. Leatherbury, special commissioner, at the price of $221. Another piece containing two acres, with a small tenement house, sold by same commissioner, brought $350. Mr. John Walker was the purchaser of both pieces.


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Thermometer down to eight on the 24th.

Sleighing was much enjoyed by our young folks, this snow.

Messrs. John H. Bird & Bros., of this place, have contracted to build a fine house for Mr. Abel T. James, at Tasley station, Va.

Pungoteague grange met at the Fair Grounds, Thursday, 19th inst., Mr. C. H. Register with Geo. W. Judd, commission merchant of New York, addressed the society, telling them how to ship their produce.

Several farmers of this section have lost their potatoes in hot beds by the cold weather of this week. There has been so much said about potatoes this week, that "How are your potatoes, Tank?" has become to be a familiar slang.


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Messrs. J. C. Justice and Wm. J. Barnes, inspectors, have to say by way of reply to a communication in your issue of last week of Capt. E. J. Corbin, that dredgers were at work at Island Rock on the 18th and 19th of March, all day and perhaps a part of the night. The violation of our oyster law on those days was witnessed by over 20 persons, and the inquiry made by them in this connection is pertinent, "where were Capts. Corbin and Gaskins."

The farmers of this section fear that their potato beds have been seriously injured, and are therefore much troubled.

The Hunting creek oystermen says, that the weather for several days past has been the severest they have ever known at this season of the year.


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Hog cholera is prevailing to some extent in this community, and the loss thereby incurred is due to neglect. Pine tar never fails to remedy the evil.

Kiah Powell, of "trap gun notoriety," was according to latest reports, still going in the direction of the Cape, and an examination of the wounds received by him in his efforts to pry into the affairs of the corn house of Mr. T. G. Elliot, has consequently been denied us. Kiah evidently is too enterprising a citizen, to wish to be entertained at the public expense.

Mr. John R. Sturgis claims that his mare, Maria Bell, can make the fastest time, by the watch, mile dash, of any horse on the Eastern Shore.

The farmers of this vicinity acted wisely in keeping their seed in their kilns, until the late cold snap was over. None have bedded them yet.


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Whooping cough is very prevalent here.

According to the thermometers, last Tuesday was the coldest day this winter.

Dr. A. Watson is about to build an addition to the house now occupied by Mr. T. Elliott.

The Agricultural Fair.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fairs

The committee, under whose supervision the Eastern Shore Agricultural Fair will be held this year, has already been selected, and active steps are being taken by them at this early day to make it a success beyond all previous years. -- The grounds will be put in a better condition this year than they have ever been, and in many respects greatly improved; the arrangements made to promote order will be much better, it being the intention of the committee to weed out every objectionable feature of the last and previous years, and the inducements offered to exhibitors will be much greater pecuniarily. With the view of securing large and creditable exhibits in every department, expenses are to be curtailed in every way possible, so as to be able to offer large premiums, especially on our staple product the sweet potato, stock, agricultural implements &c. Nothing will be left undone, in fact, within reach of the Committee to make the Fair this year a grand success in every respect.

Northampton County.

Transfers of Real Estate. --

Wm. L. Scott and wife to A. S. Werly, of Somerset county, Md. Lot at Cape Charles -- $180.

A. S. Werly and wife to Sally J. Savage -- a lot at Cape Charles -- $180.

P. W. Savage and wife to Robert C. Jacobs of Sussex county, Delaware -- a lot at Cape Charles, No. 635 -- $40.

Railroad Notes.

Transportation -- Railroad - CorporateTransportation -- Railroad - SteamboatsWeather -- Snow storms

An extra train, it was reported, would be necessary to accommodate the passengers who would pass over our railroad this week.

The north-bound train of the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad was detained Monday night about six hours by the snow drift across the track of the road.

The weather was so severe on Sunday that the steamer Jane Mosely of the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Line, could not go over to Norfolk. She attempted at 12 o'clock to make the trip, but had to put back.

H. W. Dunne, of Philadelphia, who for five years past has been the superintendent and engineer of the Lancaster Avenue Improvement Company, has been appointed superintendent of the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad, to succeed Jas. McConkey, resigned. Mr. Dunne will assume his official duties on April 1, and will have his headquarters at Cape Charles City.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
March 28, 1885