Peninsula Enterprise, May 2, 1885


reprinted from Baltimore SunTransportation -- Railroad - FreightTransportation -- Railroad - Rolling stockTransportation -- Railroad - Steamboats

Owing to the increased traffic over the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad 200 extra freight cars have been ordered and two extra freight boats will be built.


Moral -- Murder

Counsel in the case of Dr. Pitts have agreed to transfer the case to the court of Norfolk county on account of the sickness of Judge Booker. It will probably be tried at the May term.


Moral -- MurderLaborers -- Fisheries

Frank Burkman will be tried for the fourth time for murder, at the May term of Essex County Court. The accused was convicted of murder in the first degree in King George County Court, and once in the Essex County Court, where the case was removed to.


Forests -- Forest products - Rail ties

At a public sale of railroad ties at Accomac C.H., last Wednesday, by John H. Wise, sheriff, to satisfy executions in favor of Elliot and others vs. A. J. Schosser, Mr. T. G. Elliott was the purchaser of 835 at sixteen cents each, and Mr. A. J. Lilliston of 159 at twenty-five cents, each.


Moral -- Alcohol

A Temperance Society has been organized in Drummondtown, with twelve charter members.


Sea -- Finfish - Catch : Trout

Accomac C. H.

Trout fish in abundance, of good size and at fair prices are being sold daily in our town.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionOther

Belle Haven.

A new dwelling house erected by Mr. G. Lloyd Doughty is among the improvements of our town.

Another couple, James Simpson, a youth of seventeen, and Miss Bradford, some three or four years the senior of the groom, were married on their boat at Willis' wharf, April 19th, by Rev. J. E. Humphreys. The contracting parties are both from Hog Island.


Transportation -- Railroad - Stations and sidingsForests -- SawmillsMoral -- OtherTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - OtherInfrastructure -- Public : SchoolsFields -- Livestock - Diseases and pests


At Bloxom's crossing, opposite this place, a "siding" has been put in and a freight house is to be built and other conveniences supplied for the accommodation of shippers.

Mr. J. T. Ackley has recently returned from a trip to the city, and a huge saw and other necessary fixtures purchased for his mill while there, now make it one of the best equipped of the county.

A dance, at the residence of one of our prominent citizens last week, is the pleasing topic in society circles here at this time. The intricate mazes of the light fantastic were threaded by ladies and gentlemen, unaccustomed to it, but whose motions were none the less graceful, because of their church relations and who enjoyed none the less the innocent recreation.

Our school closed last week, owing to want of funds.

The hog cholera prevails to some extent in this section.


Transportation -- Water - Boat buildingTourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Bird


Mr. John B. Downing is the boss skiff builder in this section. One just completed for his own use is a model for beauty and comfort.

Pigeon shooting is the favorite sport at this place at this time.

Fine Horses for Sale.

Fields -- Livestock - Horses

Mr. Duffield Savage of our town, leaves for Baltimore on next Monday, with four fine horses of great promise as trotters, which he will offer for sale in that market. He will remain there for several days and the horses can be seen at Wilson Street Boarding stable by all lovers of fine stock, who wish to do so. Two of them were sired by Washington Morgan.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 2, 1885