Peninsula Enterprise, April 26, 1884


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Law enforcement

Capt. James L. Waddell, commander during the war of the Confederate Cruiser Shenandoah, has been appointed commander-in-chief of the Maryland oyster police force. We had hoped that his old shipmate, Capt. Orris A. Browne, would command our forces, but the cormorant appetite which snatches everything from Accomac restrained our board of public works from doing justice to a people who always give a big Democratic majority.


Transportation -- Railroad - Construction

President Scott, of the N. Y., Philadelphia, & Norfolk Railroad, passed through here on Wednesday en route to Eastville. He states that in a week, the road will have passed Pocomoke City, in thirty days it will reach here, and by the first of July will be completed to Old Plantation. This looks like business.


Moral -- Alcohol

The new license law does not go into effect until the first of May, so it will be unnecessary for those desiring liquor license to apply before that time.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Insurance companies

The store-house of Mr. John S. Gaskins, on Holden's Creek, with his stock of goods, was entirely consumed by fire, on Sunday night. -- He held a policy of insurance for $600 in the Sun Fire Insurance Co., of London, represented by Mr. L. W. Childrey. It is thought that the fire was of incendiary origin.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionTransportation -- Road - MaintenanceInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionTransportation -- Road - Liveries

Accomac C. H.

Mr. Horace Nock is putting up a neat and roomy residence on the lot lately purchased by him.

In our town, Back street, near the bridge, sadly awaits the advent of the road-master with his force.

The new store-house being built by Mr. Wm. C. Hall for the use of Mr. Wm. B. Wilkens is rapidly approaching completion.

The rapid increase in his livery business compels our wide awake townsman L. J. Gunter, to enlarge his accommodations. He so carefully attends to the teams entrusted to him, that we predict all our town horses will soon be "at livery" with Gunter.


Infrastructure -- Public : ChurchesInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving serviceTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Veterans


Gov. Stokely, Judge Whitely and friends of Delaware, arrived on the steamer Saturday night, and are stopping at Matthews' hotel.

The Methodist talk of erecting a new church, their old building being very much dilapidated and its location anything but desirable.

The sloop "Ocean Star" from Somers' Point to Chincoteague, in ballast, during the late southwest gale blew away her jib, and lost her rudder and anchor; her signal of distress was discovered by Captain Tracy's crew at daylight. They boarded her and succeeded in getting the vessel in harbor.

In the effort that is being made to build, in Richmond, a home for the wounded and maimed Confederate soldiers, we think that Accomac ought to nobly respond, and to this end, suggest a meeting in the near future at our Court House, for the appointment of committees in each town or magisterial district to solicit contributions. Will the ENTERPRISE lead the movement?


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Marsh Market.

Oysters are being planted in large quantities in our waters at this time.

Oysters caught by Columbus Taylor and Robert Hall, two of our tongers last week, sold for $69.90.

The boats are being licensed and the tax is being collected by Inspector Hinman, in accordance with the provision of the new oyster law.

A Methodist church, 36x50 feet is being built at the foot of Messongo road. Work was commenced on it last Monday.

Capt. Corbin Stant, left on his schooner this week for North Carolina, to buy a load of shingles, laths &c., for which there is a demand in this community.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - NewspapersInfrastructure -- Commercial - General StoresInfrastructure -- Public : Cemeteries


Mr. John D. Wimbrough is building a new residence on the corner of Maine and Kegotank streets.

THE ENTERPRISE has forty subscribers here, who are made glad every week by the arrival of that newsy sheet.

Mr. O. J. Lucas, our popular and enterprising merchant, is now in New York buying goods. He will soon greatly enlarge his storehouse.

Captain W. T. S. Bundick, who lately removed to Girdletree Hill, Md., brought the body of his little child here for burial some days ago.


Sea -- Shellfish - Clamming : BaysideTransportation -- Road - ConstructionTransportation -- Water - Sailboats

Muddy Creek.

Several of the young men in this vicinity left for the capes of Virginia, last Thursday, on a clamming expedition, and from thence will go to the Monumental City.

The report of the viewers on the road from Cattail Neck, meets with the approval of all the land owners except one man, who owns 44 yards of unimproved land over which it passes. The opening of the road is considered so great a public convenience that every body else is delighted.

Capt. James J. Byrd has sold his sloop Gazelle to parties in Crisfield, for $400.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeedTransportation -- Water - FreightSea -- WreckingTransportation -- Water - WrecksInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionProfessionals -- BuildersInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial construction


Quite a large fleet of sloops and schooners are in our waters by the town, loading with oysters for Northern planting grounds. Much cash is left here by them every spring, in exchange for the bivalve.

The schooner Anna Dale, Captain E. E. Blackman, which sprang a leak, near Watchapreague Inlet, on April 3rd, together with her cargo of 300 tons of coal, was sold at public sale to Messrs. Foote & Powell, who sold them on the following day to Messrs. Babbitt & Co., of Chincoteague, at an advance of some 700 per cent. She stranded and sank off Dawson Shoals the next day.

Mr. T. F. Floyd, an enterprising citizen of our town, is making preparations for building a very comfortable and commodious dwelling house for himself, which will be located on one of the finest water sites in the place. Messrs. J. T. Hargis, of Temperanceville and A. T. Mears, of Powelton, have contracted to do the carpenter's and mason's work.

Mr. G. Alvin Fox and Capt. A. Brown LeCato commenced this week, the erection of a fine and capacious store-house on corner Maine and Floyd streets, and will open a general mercantile business on its completion, which will be about the first of July. Messrs. Parsons & Bro., master builders, formerly of New Jersey, but now residents of our town, and Mr. R. T. Christian, are the contractors.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateTransportation -- Railroad - ConstructionMoral -- Property crime


Transfers of real estate from March 10th to April 14th:

John H. Core to Wm. H. Brickhouse, 26 acres more or less near Hadlock; consideration, $450.

Dr. George F. Wilkins to N. Y., Phila & Norfolk Railroad, 430x68 feet; $1.

Anne E. Addison to John T. Addison, 100 acres in Savage's Neck; consideration, natural love and affection.

Clara J. Holland and Thomas E. Leatherbury; partition of 630.70 100 acres.

Proceedings of court at April term:

Caleb Upshur, colored, tried for breaking into corn stack of Dr. William A. Thom, and ably defended by Judge Fitchett, was convicted and sentenced to penitentiary for two years.

Peter Carter, qualified as administrator of Kessie Fitchett, colored.

Receiver ordered, in case of Railroad vs. Catherine E. Nottingham, to pay over money to parties entitled.

Wilbur F. Nottingham, qualified as administrator of Thomas E. Brickhouse, deceased.

George H. Adair and James A. Smith, qualified as judges of elections, and George H. Thomas as registrar.

Receiver ordered, in case of Railroad vs L. Harmonson, trustee, of Mrs. McNutt, to pay over to trustee.

Railroad vs. John T. Whitehead and S. E. Cary and others, continued.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
April 26, 1884