Peninsula Enterprise, May 3, 1884


Laborers -- Construction

G. Welly Coard, architect and builder, has now thirty mechanics in his employ, and is having built under his supervision, store houses, hotels, dwellings, etc., in Maryland and Virginia. . . . however, he is still unable to meet the demand for his services.


Sea -- Trapping

Furs of 4,100 muskrats, minks etc., shipped by Dougherty Bros., merchants, Pitts' Wharf this county last week netted them $635.63.


Forests -- SawmillsLumbermen -- Personal injury

Mr. John Deer, an employee at the mill of Messrs. Hancock & Co., situated near Atlantic had his leg broken a few days ago.


Moral -- MurderLaborers -- Fisheries

The trial of Burkman, the murderer of Capt. Melson has been again postponed until the last Monday in May, on account of the illness of his attorney.


Moral -- Alcohol

Many of the vendors of liquors owing to the increased tax imposed upon them under the new license law have concluded hereafter to dispense the liquids to their customers only at ten cents a drink.


Transportation -- Water - Freight

In a recent decision of Judge Morris, of the city of Baltimore, McMaster & Son recover full damages for injury done to the schooner, "Three Sons" by a collision with a steamer in the bay last winter. -- Under the same decision it was decreed also, that sixteen hundred dollars be paid to C. T. Taylor and Capt. Louis Thomas, owners of the cargo of two thousand bushels of oysters, with which the schooner was loaded at the time of the accident.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Insurance companies

Mr. Samuel S. Milliner of this county, has been paid sixty dollars for a mule, which died less than thirty days ago, by the Mutual Live Stock Insurance Company, of Emmittsburg, Md. A company that meets their obligations so promptly and pays the full amount of insurance as in this instance deserves the patronage of our people. Mr. W. L. Nock, of Temperanceville, is the agent for this county, and surely every farmer who has not the means to replace their horse in case of loss, should see him at once and avail themselves of the liberal terms he offers them.


Infrastructure -- Utilities - IceMoral -- Firearms

Accomac C. H.

Ice for the season, by the month or bushel is offered for sale by Wm. J. Coleburn of Drummondtown at reasonable rates.

A pistol while being carelessly handled by Mr. James Daugherity, salesman of Mr. C. B. Lilliston of our town, last Monday was discharged and the ball passed thro' his finger making an ugly wound.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : TownInfrastructure -- Public - Government : TaxationInfrastructure -- Public : ChurchesForests -- Forest products - Lumber


The assessors appointed by our town council to assess the property of the Corporation, are about to begin work.

Lumber has been ordered of the Onancock Mill Company for the Episcopal church, which is to be built here this summer. It is said, it is to be the handsomest church on the Shore.


Sea -- Finfish - Catch : TroutTransportation -- Water - Wrecks


Mr. James S. Nock and crew caught in their seine at one haul, last Thursday, six bushels of fine trout.

A sloop belonging to Mr. R. L. Fowler, of the firm of Fowler, Foote & Co., lying in Trout Channel, broke loose from her mooring, last Sunday, and passing out the inlet, went ashore on Dawson Shoals. She has since gone to pieces and all of her except her sails is a total loss.


Fields -- Crops - White potatoes : Diseases and pestsInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial construction


The potato bug has already put in its appearance.

A new store has been recently finished, a short distance below here, to be occupied by Messrs. Lloyd Mears & Thomas James, The senior member of the firm is now in the city buying goods.


Transportation -- Railroad - ConstructionTransportation -- Railroad - Stations and sidingsLaborers -- RailroadInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionFields -- Livestock - HorsesMoral -- Alcohol


The R.R. depot will be located one and quarter miles distant.

Railroad barracks are being built at Fisher's Station, for the graders that will arrive in this end of the division soon.

Jas. Lang contemplates building a two story addition to his house soon.

Last Monday Rev. Mr. Wright sold to Mr. Mears his beautiful horse, Spry, for $115.

Last week, two unknown and forlorn looking men made their appearance in our village, with a view of opening up a whiskey house, but after interviewing some of our citizens came to the conclusion the scheme was not a good one and left.

Real Estate Transfers.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateInfrastructure -- Public : Churches

The following transfers of real estate were recorded in the Accomack County Court clerk's office, during the week ending April 30.

Benj. T. Gunter and others, special commissioners, to Wm. H. Harrison for 25 acres near Cashville; $500.

Thos. J. Dickinson and wife to Malissa J. Taylor, 3 acres near Guilford; $70.

Levin P. Causey to C. O. Disbrow, 7496 square feet on Chincoteague Island; $450.

Tabitha A. Mapp to Eldred T. Mears, 140 acres near Hawk's Nest; $1200.

Geo. W. Powell and wife, &c., to Geo. G. Fox, lot at Powelton; $400.

Edward T. Stant and wife to J. F. Terry et als., trustees, lot for Methodist Church at Pocomoke; $16.

Richard Bloxom to Wm. P. Bloxom, 10 acres on Chincoteague Island; $250.

Wm. T. Boston and wife to John A. M. Whealton, 1-4 acre on Chincoteague Island; $175.

Daniel W. Lewis and wife to Frank Blake, 1 acre on Chincoteague Island; $30.

Henry Crippin to Carrie Drummond, 4 acres near Marsh Market; $150.

Thomas A. Northam and wife to Emily S. Stant, 4 acres near Jenkins Bridge; $400.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 3, 1884