Peninsula Enterprise, September 13, 1884


Transportation -- Water - Freight

Large shipments of potatoes are being made over the new line of the Old Dominion Steamship Co., from Powelton. The steamer Tuckahoe of that line carried away on one of her trips last week 1,200 barrels.


Fields -- Livestock - Diseases and pests

The swine plague is prevailing to an alarming extent in many parts of Northampton county. Many farmers have lost from ten to forty hogs. One reports a loss of 60 hogs.


Transportation -- Railroad - Construction

Dr. E. W. Goerke, chief engineer of our railroad has his headquarters now at Belle Haven.


Transportation -- Railroad - Construction

An Italian, for drawing a pistol on a railroad official, last Wednesday, was required by the Justice to give bond to keep the peace, and failing to comply with that demand was lodged in the county jail.


Transportation -- Railroad - Personal injuryTransportation -- Railroad - Wrecks

The engine was badly damaged and an Italian had his arm broken on Friday night of last week, by the north bound train running into a car which had been carelessly left on the main track of the road at Accomac station.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Boat racing

In the boat races at Cobb's Island, last week, the Jeannie won the first prize, in the class of skiff 16 feet and under. The Granger carried off second prize. In the second day's races, for class of skiffs 15 1/2 feet and under, the first prize was awarded the skiff Sue M. Fosque, the second to the skiff Jeannie. In the bateaux races, the Birdie and Hancock belonging to Capt. E. L. Willis, were respectively the winners.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal service

A postoffice is to be established shortly at Powelton and as there is another Powelton in Virginia a change of name is necessary. Among those which have been suggested, are Beechland, Lloydville, Bellville, Lecato, Mearsville, Finneyville, City of Watchapreague, &c.


Infrastructure -- Public : Churches

A Successful revival meeting has recently been held at the Red Bank Church, Northampton county and on last Sunday, fourteen of the converts were baptized by Rev. L. J. Haley. -- From three hundred to five hundred people were present to witness the ceremony.


Transportation -- Railroad - FreightTransportation -- Railroad - Stations and sidingsFields -- Crops - FodderSea -- Finfish - Catch : SpotFields -- Livestock - Cattle

Fair Oaks.

Messrs. Turlington Bros., with the assistance of farmers in the vicinity, have built a platform on the railroad, in a few hundred yards of this place, and it being in the direct line between Powelton and Finney's wharf, a large quantity of produce will be shipped from this point.

The farmers have commenced their annual warfare against the fodder fields in this section.

Mr. John E. Harmon, the Isaac Walton of this neighborhood, caught several spots this week that measured 13 1-2 inches.

Messrs. Turlington & Bro., have purchased and fattened a fine lot of cattle during summer, and now offer them for sale at fair prices.

A swing on one of our "fair oaks," which was the cause of some unpleasantness a few weeks ago, because the Justice of the Peace thought it was in dangerous proximity to our public high-way, was taken down by the overseer of the road lately, and parcelled out among those who have tender recollections of that swing. The Justice, a second time this week, had diverse persons summoned before him to answer "who put up that swing," but no one could respond more intelligently, than to the inquiry "who struck Billy Patterson."


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideInfrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate


The oystermen of this vicinity are very busy and report oysters plentiful and prices good.

Mr. A. D. Shreaves has bought a lot on Hunting Creek and proposes to build thereon.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Law enforcementSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : PricesSea -- Finfish - Catch : TroutTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fraternal ordersInfrastructure -- Public : Churches

Marsh Market.

On Thursday the 4th day of September, the old rock, in the upper part of Pocomoke Sound, was covered with canoes and other oyster boats. There were probably 200 tongers at work. The oysters are reported to be scarce, and are selling at 30 cents per bushel. Our oyster inspector, Mr. James T. Weaver, is granting licenses and attending strictly to his business.

Large yellow fin roaches and trout together with other fish, are now being caught by citizens in Pocomoke Sound.

The Rechabites are building a large hall on Saxe's Island.

The Revs. Messrs. Woodyard, Hundley, Street, Quisenberry and other Baptists and friends, held a meeting at the grove in Capt. Henry Hall's woods, on Tuesday the 26th of August, for the purpose of selecting a site and making other necessary arrangements for the construction of a church. They concluded to build it on Capt. Henry Hall's land, near the gate of the old Taylor farm. The Association, at Onancock, raised $157 by collection and about $300 have been promised by citizens. The lumber will be prepared, and the balance of the money will be raised between now and next spring, at which time the church will be commenced.


Transportation -- Railroad - ConstructionTransportation -- Railroad - Stations and sidingsFields -- Crops - FodderFields -- Livestock - Swine

Oak Hall.

We are really to have a station within one mile of this place.

Many of our farmers are busily engaged saving their fodder, and find it warm work these sweltering days.

Every few days we are supplied with fresh pork, as the swine have not learned to keep clear of the iron horse.


Transportation -- Railroad - FreightTransportation -- Railroad - ConstructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential development


Farmers in this section are receiving good prices for potatoes shipped to New York and Boston, via railroad.

Mr. Benjamin Parks has had several applications for building lots at Metompkin station.

The Tangier Tragedy.

Moral -- Murder

The trial of Dr. James D. Pitts for killing Dr. L. Thomas Walter is now in progress at Hampton, Va. The Commonwealth is represented by Hon. John Goode, Mr. Arthur Seegar and Capt. W. P. M. Kellam, the defense by Hons. George T. Garrison, John Neely, Henry Page, Thomas Tabb of Hampton, and M. T. Hughes of Hampton. The jury empannelled to try the case consists of eight farmers and four merchants. A telegram received by us last Thursday stated that the witnesses were then being examined and that the case would be given to jury to-day. A full report will be given in our next issue.

Real Estate Transfers.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateTransportation -- Water - WharvesNatural resources -- Conservation - Commons

The following real estate transfers recorded in clerk's office during three weeks ending September 10th:

Henry Davis et als. to Alsavador Chase, Sr., 80 acres in Cattail Neck; $1,000.

Henry B. Northam and wife to Napolean K. Hall, 4 acres near Mappsville; $60.

Wm. Downing and wife to Severn Evans, Sr., et als., trustees, one-eighth an acre at Pungoteague; $12.50.

Trevis Parks and wife to Raymond Pruitt, one-half acre on Tangier; $75.

Raymond R. Hutchinson, to [illegible] C. Read, lot at Hoffman's wharf; early rental.

Henry L. Crockett, trustee to Peter Dies, 2 1-4 acres on Tangier Island; $60.

Henry Davis to Wm. H. [illegible], trustee for the sole and separate use of Lucretia Taylor, 80 acres in Cattail Neck; $1,000.

Edward L. Willis and wife to John H. Bird, one acre near Grangeville; $100.

James L. Kemper, governor, to Custis M. Dunton, 38.1 acres on Sandy Island (grant).

Levin Jacob Ross and wife, &c., to Benjamin F. Young, 30 acres near Mappsville: $504.

James F. Dalby to Thomas T. Taylor. one acre near Atlantic; $125.

Isaiah W. Bagwell and wife, &c., to Robert H. Miles and Thomas W. Taylor, one-half of land in which wharf property at Onancock on Mount Prospect farm is built; $2,500.

Wm. C. Coleburn and wife, &c., to Wm. J. C[illegible], 22x30 feet in Drummondtown (unimproved); $300.

Northampton County.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateTransportation -- Railroad - ConstructionInfrastructure -- Public : SchoolsMoral -- Alcohol

Real estate transfers as follows:

Philip Lewis and wife, &c., to N. Y., Phila. and Norfolk R.R. Co., land through which the road passes; $100.

[Illegible] E. and Maggie J. Dalby to N. Y. Phila. and Norfolk R.R. Co., land through which the road passes and within 60 feet of his house: $2,000.

R. S. Costin and ux., &c., to Free School District No. 1, one-quarter of an acre; $15.

R. S. Costin and ux. to Alfred Stoakley, 2 acres near Capeville; $80.

Bayly Bell to Margaret Colonna, one acre near Marionville; $25.

John W. Kellam and ux. to George H. Read, 15 acres near Wardtown; $75.

County court proceedings.

Orders entered confirming account of Wm. H. Kendall, administrator of Dennard Fitchett.

Order entered confirming account of debts of Samuel P. Fisher, deceased.

Order entered confirming account of Samuel P. Fisher, and requiring the executor to pay over to the creditors.

Mrs. Patsy Fatherly qualified as guardian of her children, and ordered to expend $100 each for education.

John E. Nottingham, Laban J. Belote and Obed Kelly appointed commissioners to assign dower to widow of Victor Collins, colored.

Order entered confirming report of Wilbur F. Nottingham, receiver, in case N.Y., P. & N. R.R. Co., vs. Geo. W. Smith and ux.

Will of Wm. B. Upshur probated, and Judge Wm. T. H. Irving and Thos. T. Upshur qualified as his executors.

Retail and bar room license granted to G. T. Whitehead and W. B. Wilson.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
September 13, 1884