Peninsula Enterprise, January 26, 1884


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Non residents are again depredating upon the oyster beds of the Commonwealth in Pocomoke Sound, and were guilty of another transgression of our laws also last Tuesday, in resisting and driving off Inspector Hindman in his efforts to enforce them. The crews of several boats on that occasion banded together and refused to leave. Captain Hindman, after an exchange of shots with them, was compelled to retreat. On Wednesday he was reinforced by a hundred men or more from Hunting Creek and Messongo, and with them left for the Pocomoke on that day. The result of that expedition has not yet been reported to us.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Law enforcement

Mr. Revel J. Lewis, indicted at the last term of the grand jury for unlawfully dredging, had a hearing before Justice Scarburgh, at Accomac C. H., last Thursday, and was sent on for trial and recognized to appear at the January term of the county court.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing

A challenge is made elsewhere in our columns by Mr. Fred Waddy to match Morrell against Grey Morgan, and the "backers" of the latter now must either prepare "to put up" or "shut up." The challenge will evidently result in an interesting race, on McConnell's track at an early day, between the two horses.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial construction

Accomac C. H.

The storehouse of Mr. C. B. Lilliston at Accomac C. H., is now receiving the finishing touches of our skillful architect, Mr. G. Welley Coard, and will be the handsomest storehouse in this county, perhaps, when completed.


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Our oyster trade is booming. The demand seems greater than the supply.

The late cold snap closed our bay for three days, all communications being cut off except by telegraph. The ice did much damage to our shallow water oyster beds, especially in the coves under the beach, Capt. Bunting and Capt. Robert Hudson being the largest sufferers.

The viewers appointed at a late session of our County Court to assess damages in favor of Mrs. Tatem for the seizure of certain land as a public road, have set the price at $75. If any one has anything to say against the award, let them speak now or hereafter hold their peace.

The officers of our Secret Temperance Society are ready to pay off all their claims. During an existence of five years, they have paid all sick and death benefit claims made against the organization, and own real estate valued at fifteen hundred dollars.


Transportation -- Road - Construction

Muddy Creek.

A movement is on foot, looking to the opening of a road from A. F. Mears' store, in a North-westwardly direction to the M. J. Poulson's school house, in Cattail Neck. A petition numerously signed will be presented at the next term of the county court asking for the appointment of viewers for the proposed road. A part of the road has been built, and the owners of half of the land on which it will pass, will make it a present to the county. If the road is established, it will be a mile in length and will save a mile or more of travel to the citizens in going to and from said Neck. The enterprise is favored by everyone.

There was a grand quilting party at the house of Mr. Lewis J. Lankford, last Tuesday night. Both sexes were well represented, and as the saying goes, a vast "number of old coals rekindled."

There is a prospect for a livelier building boom in this section, next spring and summer than there has been for many years.

Legislation of Local Interest.

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The House on the 16th passed the bill passed by the Senate four days previous authorizing the payment to George W. Hindman, oyster inspector of Accomac, of $100 per month for services of his vessel and crew until May 1, 1884, in protecting the oyster interests in this county.

By an act of the Legislature the time for the completion of the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad has been extended two years. The act requires the one-half of the road to be finished in the next twelve months.

A bill has passed the Senate to authorize the Board of Supervisors of the county of Accomac to borrow money and issue bonds therefor for the purpose of providing a new court-house and clerks' office for said county.

The Senate has passed the bill to allow the citizens of Worcester county, Md., the period of two years to remove their planted oysters in Chincoteague Bay from the south side of the State line recently established.

A bill has been introduced into the Senate to authorize the Board of Supervisors of the county of Accomac to increase the salary of the County Judge.

Real Estate Transfers.

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The following transfers of real estate were recorded in the Accomack County Court clerk's office, for the two weeks ending Jan. 23rd, 1884:

John A. Jones and wife, &c., to Wm. P. Reid, interest of grantors in 500 acres on Assateague Island; $50.

Geo. T. Garrison and wife to Wm. R. Parramore and others, store-house and lot occupied by Wm. C. Coleburn & Sons, Accomack C. H.; $2,000.

Wm. T. Fleming, et als. to Wm. F. Fleming, grantors' interest in 200 acres near Hawk's Nest; $1,000.

Daniel W. Lewis and wife to Rosetta Fish, 480x32 1-2 on Chincoteague Island; $75.

John H. Wise, sheriff to Theodore Doughty, 43 acres known as "Guinea Land," near Craddockville; $355.

Theodore Doughty and wife to Thos. Byrd, nine acres near Craddockville; $125.

Same to Henry Smith, nine acres near Craddockville; $125.

Wm. E. Jacob et als. to Geo. E. Winder, certain personal property at the hotel in Pungoteague; $400.

Charles A. Hurley and wife to John W. Bunting, 3-4 of an acre on Chincoteague Island (hotel); $650.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
January 26, 1884