Peninsula Enterprise, August 30, 1884


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateTransportation -- Railroad - Construction

Forty acres of land was not sold to the N.Y., Phila. and Norfolk railroad at the terminus of our railroad, as reported in a late issue of this paper, but by Mr. W. L. Scott and wife to the railroad. The correction is made at the request of our correspondent.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Boat racing

The skiff John W. Edmonds, belonging to Mr. James K. Harmon was the winner of the race at Hog Island last week.


Fields -- Crops - Sweet potatoes : Prices

A postal dated 25th inst., from Chapin Bros., Boston, states that 3200 barrels of sweet potatoes were in the city on that day, and that all good stock sold for $2.50 per barrel. They say also, that there is a prospect for better market the last of this week.


Architecture -- Courthouses

The bill to allow the people to vote on the location for the new court-house in Accomac, has passed the Senate, and is now before the House for its consideration.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Circuses

The New York, Phila. and Norfolk railroad, fully alive to the needs and enjoyments of our people, will sell at greatly reduced rates, round trip excursion tickets to Salisbury and return the same day to see John Robinson's great circus show. Trains will return from Salisbury at 6.25 p. m., thus giving one hour after the performance. These tickets will be good on any train on Tuesday, September 2nd, the great show day. In this connection we would say, if Robinson knows a good thing when he sees it, he'll pay us a visit.


Moral -- MurderMoral -- Other violent crimeTransportation -- Railroad - Construction

At the August term of our county court the following persons were indicted: Dr. James D. Pitts for murder of Dr. L. Thos. Walter, J. T. Fisher for attempt to wreck a railroad train and Spencer Crippen, colored, for an attempt to commit rape. An indictment sent to the grand jury against Gilley Bunting for seduction was ignored. On the motion of the attorney for Dr. Pitts, change of venue was granted, the case was removed to Hampton and witnesses were recognized to appear there on the 8th of September. J. T. Fisher was released on bail until next term of county court. Crippen tried at this term of court was convicted and the term of his imprisonment in penitentiary fixed at 3 years.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Newspapers

Accomac C. H.

Mr. J. W. Borum, of the Eastville Herald, has been visiting our county during the week, and favored our sanctum with a visit on Thursday.


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Marsh Market.

At Hallston station several buildings have already been built. A store for general merchandise will be opened there soon, and a gentleman from Baltimore is negotiating with Mr. Hall for a piece of land, as the site for a large hotel. The telegraph office will be finished this week.

Mr. James A. Hall has completed and moved into his large new storehouse.

The Rev. R. B. Beadles, aided by Rev. Messrs. Oldham, Carroll and Crawley, held recently a protracted meeting at Sanford church, in Messongo Neck. The attendance was large, the deportment commendable, and the sermons preached were excellent. Ten persons professed religion during the time, and many were seeking it. Mr. Beadles began a protracted meeting at Pocomoke church on Sunday the 17th of August. -- The Presiding Elder, D. P. Wills has been present and delivered some grand sermons. On Tuesday night there were four penitents and one conversion.

The oystermen in this section are making preparations for their fall and winter work. Boats are being built, purchased, painted and repaired, and everybody seems cheerful and happy.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing


A half-mile race course has recently been laid off on the farm of J. L. Mapp, near this place.

A horse owned by Dr. W. P. Reed of our town, valuable a few weeks ago only as a farm horse, has shown so much speed of late, that it ranks well now with the best of the "swifters." -- The horse made a mile on the Pungoteague race course last week in 2.56.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateTransportation -- Railroad - Construction

Northampton County.

Deeds recently admitted to record in clerk's office of Northampton.

N. F. Cobb to United States, 1/2 acre for Life Saving Station, on Cobb's Island, sold in 1880 and recorded August 4th, 1884; $25.

John W. Kellam and wife to Geo. H. Reed, 15 acres near Wardtown; $75.

Wm. L. Scott and wife to Wm. Stewart of Md., lot No. 615 in the proposed town of Cape Charles.

R. H. Miles and wife to Henry E. Dennis and wife, 80 acres for life to said H. E. Dennis, with remainder in fee simple to said Alexine his wife; $1,700.

R. S. Costin and wife to Alfred Stockley, (colored,) 2 acres; $80.

T. S. Baker and wife to N. Y., Phila. and Norfolk railroad; $20.

Sloop Lost.

Transportation -- Water - WrecksInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving service

Richard Fletcher, Spencer Parker and a negro man, on Saturday last, went to Fowler, Foote & Co.'s factory at the lower end of Cedar Island, in one of Capt. O. A. Browne's fish boats -- a sloop. On their return the wind was light and they were driven by tide on Metompkin outer bar and stranded about 7 p. m. They were in imminent danger until 4 a. m. of Sunday when they were rescued by two boats manned by Messrs. R. S. Milliner, Charles H. Mason, and Polk Lang and C. D. Flick of Life Station No. 11, in one boat, and another having on board Superintendent Rich of the Life saving service, Col. Ulysses Schoolfield and others. The rescued were in the rigging when saved and it was a miracle, almost, they had not perished, had the tide been at full flood outgoing they must have been lost.


Transportation -- Water - Steamboats

MR. EDITOR. -- In your last issue in an article in reference to the steamer plying between this place and Lewes, Delaware, you make the remark that "the convenience thus given to the people of Powelton and vicinity for shipping their produce is due largely to Mr. J. T. Powell." It is due Captain A. B. LeCato of this place, to say that almost the entire agency in procuring the said steamer was performed by him through the agent of the Old Dominion Company, who directs the operating of the Matchapungo steamer. We believe that Mr. Powell is now doing all he can to make the venture a success: but we have every reason for stating that never until the scheme was an inevitable certainty, was Mr. Powell known or interested in it. As a mere matter of fact, the misapprehension is of no consequence, but as a matter of justice to our enterprising young man, we believe none would make the correction sooner than yourself.


Powelton, August 25th, 1884.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
August 30, 1884