Peninsula Enterprise, May 10, 1884


Transportation -- Railroad - Construction

The bridge of the New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad over Pocomoke River was completed yesterday.


Moral -- Vandalism

Circumstances connected with the burning of Capt. John S. Gaskin's store on Pocomoke, leave it no longer in doubt, that it was the work of an incendiary. On the same night the store was burnt, a seine belonging to him and Mr. C. T. Taylor was cut to pieces, oil was poured into his well and around his premises, and other things besides pointed to it as the work of a demon, in human shape.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideTransportation -- Road - ConstructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving service


Our oyster season, which has been a profitable one, is winding up.

Mr. Wm. Messick is erecting a dwelling on the street recently opened by order of court.

A number of dwellings will go up in our community during the present year.

The old station at Assateague is to be remodeled.


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Marsh Market.

Only about one-half the usual quantity of round potatoes has been planted by our farmers this year, but the acreage of sweet potatoes will be larger. Our wheat crop is a small one, but a flourishing condition. Kale is being served at the table of some of our neighbors. Peas, onions, string beans and other vegetables do not look well. Round potatoes are coming up and corn is being planted.

A handsome and commodious storehouse is to be erected soon by Messrs. Henry and James A. Hall, on or near the site of their old one, and for that purpose, the services of Mr. John Cutler, a very excellent mechanic, have been engaged.

A new Methodist church is now in course of erection, in Messongo Neck, on the premises donated by Messrs. Thomas Stant and John Sparrow.

Real Estate Transfers.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

The following transfers of real estate recorded in Northampton county clerk's office, since April 14th, 1884:

James D. Hallett to Marietta N. Jordan, said Hallett's 1-2 interest in 40 46-100 acres, near Cape Charles.

G. S. Kendall, special commissioner, to Wm. C. Fitchett, 105 acres near Capeville, same being Sarah Thurston's land; $850.

Wm. F. Bool to John H. Dewald, __ acres; $300.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 10, 1884