Peninsula Enterprise, September 27, 1884


Transportation -- Railroad - Construction

The track of our railroad has been laid to about 8 miles of Eastville.


Transportation -- Railroad - ConstructionTransportation -- Railroad - Litigation

Judge Gunter has granted an injunction, restraining the operations of the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Company, through the premises of Mr. John W. Tankard of Hadlock, Northampton county, until sufficient cattle guards are put up to protect his crops.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Lodges

Judge B. T. Gunter, in vacation September 23d inst., granted a certificate of incorporation to Alexander R. Williams, R. A. King and others of Washington D.C., under the name of the "Old Dominion Gunning and Anglers Association" and the same has been recorded in the clerks office of the circuit court of our county. The main office of the Association is on Revel's Island this county.


Watermen -- Personal injury

The body of Almer, the son of Mr. Edward Johnson, whose death was reported in our last issue, has been found near the place where he was drowned.


Professionals -- Dentists

Dr. L. J. Harmanson, of Onancock, has moved into his new office, on Market street, opposite the Baptist church. In making the notice we are glad to be able to say, that the merits of our young friend as a dentist, are being appreciated, and that he is receiving a liberal patronage. We most cordially commend him to our friends.


Moral -- AlcoholFields -- Livestock - Cattle Weather -- Droughts


War was declared, last Saturday afternoon in Sandy Bottom. It seemed to be on the guerrilla order. Each of the combatants fired up with rot-gut whisky, waded in on his own hook. When the smoke of battle cleared away, it was discovered that among the missing were several shirts and the wounds principally were black eyes and skinned noses. But for the gin mills in our community there would have been no battle.

We are passing through the greatest drought known on Chincoteague for many years. It is reported that the cattle holes are all dry, and that the stock is dying for want of water. -- Our weather prophets say a terrible storm is to follow.


Forests -- SawmillsInfrastructure -- Commercial - Grist millsInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential construction

Muddy Creek.

The steam saw and grist mill of Capt. John Somers & Son, is again at work, its operations having been retarded for the last month by a broken shaft.

Improvements in buildings in this section of late are: A new two story completed by Mr. F. O Killman, and an addition to dwelling of Mr. Henry Mason.

Northampton County.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateTransportation -- Water - Sailboats

The following real estate transfers &c., recorded of recent date:

W. J. Wyatt and ux to Major Turner, 4 acres in Occahonnock Neck; $300.

W. J. Wyatt and ux to Luther Killman, 4 acres in Occahonnock Neck; $100.

Schooner Charles B. Raynor, owned by Captain G. A. Raynor to Capt. E. D. Richardson; $1,200.

Church Notes.

Infrastructure -- Public : Churches

The M. E. church, Onancock is to be improved soon by a tower 9x11 ft. and 75 feet in height.

The M. E. church South, Onancock will be dedicated early in October by Rev. W. W. Walker.

Leatherbury Chapel in Chesconnessix Neck has been lengthened fifteen feet and is now quite an imposing structure. This church was built and since enlarged principally through the individual exertions of Rev. P. A. Leatherbury.

Work has begun on the Episcopal church at Onancock.

St. James church, Drummondtown is being repaired -- a new roof was put on it last week.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
September 27, 1884