Peninsula Enterprise, February 22, 1883


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Lighthouse service

A petition will be circulated for signatures at an early day, looking to the establishment of a light house at the outer buoy off Onancock bar.


Transportation -- Water - Steamboats

"The Eastern Shore," the new steamer now being built at Wilmington, Del., by the Eastern Shore Steamboat Co., will be launched during this week.



We learn from Dr. West, physician to the pest house, that there are no new cases of small-pox at that institution, and those who are there are improving. In another section of our county, near Locustmount, there is a case of varioloid, the victim being one Geo. Snead, colored, recently from the city. He has been quarantined, and the probabilities are that but few, if any, were inoculated by him.


Moral -- Other violent crimeWomen -- Personal injuryForests -- Forest products - Lumber

Accomac C. H.

Monday was a field day for women beaters. Two of our young bucks of the African 'suasion were before Justice Scarburgh on charge of assaulting and beating their respective mates. Louis Parkes was sent on to answer an indictment at the March term, and George Hatton was bound over to keep the peace for twelve months.

Mr. A. J. Lilliston is busily engaged enlarging the dwelling of Mrs. Susan Fitchett, who proposes soon to open a first-class eating saloon, where all the delicacies of the season can be had, served in the highest style of the culinary art.

Our enterprising townsman, Mr. A. J. Lilliston, whose loss by fire we mentioned last week, has rebuilt his kilndry, and with his usual energy, is pushing ahead. He has lately purchased a team of fine mules, and proposes to make things lively in his lumber work.


Forests -- Sawmills


Zorobabel Mason & Sons are going ahead on their mill, and will soon have it ready for sawing. Two engineers from Baltimore are superintending the work. They will also superintend the improvement of L. D. Lewis & Sons' mill, as soon as they fix Mason & Sons'.


Fields -- FertilizerFields -- Crops - White potatoes : AcreageMoral -- Alcohol


The merchants of our town have received their fertilizers, and are now busily engaged in dealing it out to the farmers. The sales of one firm during last week amounted to $1800, and two other firms perhaps sold as much more.

The farmers of this vicinity are making preparations to plant Irish potatoes on a large scale this season.

Mr. Wm. T. Bundick delivered a temperance lecture at Town Hall last Monday night to a large and appreciative audience. He handled the temperance question like one having authority.

Temperanceville Tidbits.

Fields -- FertilizerMoral -- Firearms

Fish-chum is being largely used here for the early pea crop.

One of our citizens amused himself on Friday by shooting down the streets at houses and stores with his rifle. A little son of T. A. Richards' narrowly escaped being hit, while two or three others heard the music of balls too near for comfort. He took the rag off the rail, literally.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
February 22, 1883