Peninsula Enterprise, May 17, 1883


Infrastructure -- Utilities - Telegraph

Telegraph poles have been erected along the route of the Peninsula Railroad to a point below Temperanceville.


Moral -- MurderLaborers -- Fisheries

Frank Burkeman, the murderer of Capt. Melson of this county, who was awaiting a new trial for murder, escaped from jail last Thursday, but was captured on the following Saturday, and is now safely lodged in his old quarters in King George County jail.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

Capt. John E. Watson, Sr., was the purchaser of the real estate of the late Samuel Fitzgerald, containing 60 acres, at the sale made by the commissioners on yesterday, at the price of $1435.


Sea -- Finfish - Catch : DrumTourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Waterfowl and shorebirdNatural resources -- Conservation - GameTransportation -- Water - SteamboatsSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideSea -- Fish factoriesInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving service


Large quantities of drum-fish are now being caught on Assateague Beach by our fishermen.

Diston's pleasure yacht "Mischief" has met with opposition in these waters, from the fact that a State law exists prohibiting non-residents from shooting game. Several spies followed the party to Wallop's Beach on Friday, with the intention of presenting the party to the Grand Jury of the county in case they infringed on the law. Seven-eights of the people on this island think that the law should be repealed, and will send a petition to that effect to the next Legislature.

The little steamer "Lady Ida" will soon commence to make regular trips between Chincoteague, Bloodgood's Wharf and Franklin City.

The oyster season is about closed, and many of the Chincoteague vessels are proceeding to Hampton to be hauled out for repairs.

Great preparation for a lively fishing season are being made by the proprietors of the different fish factories. Some of the steamers are now on their way to this port.

Now that the surfmen have been relieved from duty at the Life Saving Stations, our streets appear lively with their presence, and there is some talk among them of organizing a 'lazy mans' club' for the purpose of finding any man caught at manual labor previous to the opening of stations in the Fall.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Waterfowl and shorebird


The business outlook with us at present is a very fine one. Everything seems prosperous, and improvement in every branch of industry with us is the order of the day.

The Seaside shooting with us this season is very poor, the birds are scarce and wild.


Moral -- AlcoholInfrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - BaseballInfrastructure -- Public : Churches


Mr. W. C. West has closed out his entire stock of groceries, renovated the building, and in the future will keep only a first-class bar.

Dr. George C. Tyler and Messrs. Walter & Bro., have recently purchased lots on Kerr street, in our town, the former of Mr. George W. Powell, and the latter of Mr. Wm. S. Mills.

The Stars were the victors in a game of base ball played here last Monday, between the Metompkin Blues and the Onancock Stars, the score being 17 to 30. The receipts for gate money were added to the fund of the new M. E. Church, South.

The lawn party came off here on last Monday according to announcement, and the benefits accruing to the new M. E. Church therefrom, was about $200. -- About 400 people were present. A sumptuous supper was served, and partaken of by a goodly part of the assemblage. An agreeable feature of the occasion was a spelling bee, with Miss Mattie Porter as tutor, and Dr. O. B. Finney, Profs. F. P. Brent and G. G. Joynes as judges. The contest was principally between Misses Katie and Adele Bagwell, and the prize was awarded the former.


Fields -- FertilizerSea -- Fish factoriesInfrastructure -- Public - Government : TaxationDiseaseProfessionals -- DoctorsProfessionals -- Merchants


At no point on the Eastern Shore is fish manure manufactured more largely than with us. There are six factories, giving employment to many persons at lucrative prices.

Treasurer John J. Blackstone and Commissioner of the Revenue Grant visited us during last week. Mr. Blackstone collected, while here, about $500 on account of taxes, and disbursed in payment of small-pox expenses, about $300.

Dr. L. Thos. Walter, a late graduate in medicine of the University of Maryland, arrived here last Friday. He will commence his professional labors with us, and it may be will locate permanently here.

Messrs. H. L. Crockett & Co., of this island, pay a larger license tax than any merchant on the Eastern Shore. The fact that white lead is purchased by them by the ton will give an idea as to the extent of their business.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 17, 1883