Peninsula Enterprise, November 1, 1883


Sea -- Whales

Mr. Wm. P. Barnes, a very worthy citizen of Leemont, this county, was drowned last Sunday in Hunting Creek, a short distance from Hopkins wharf. He with two other companions had been to Burnetts Island to see the whale ashore there and after reaching the wharf safely on his way home, having returned to assist friends in another boat in getting to the wharf, his boat capsized with the result stated. He was drowned at a place where the water was so shallow, that he could keep his head above the water by placing himself on tip-toe, but the boats in which his companions were, were so large and unwieldy that they could not reach him in time to save him.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

Accomac C. H.

At the sale of the real estate of John W. Adair, deceased, to-day, Fred Waddy, of Northampton, was the purchaser of the hotel at $6715. L. Floyd Nock bought a lot of 19 acres, known as the ice house lot, without improvements, at the price of $2010, and Chas. B. Lilliston bought a quarter of an acre lot, improved by a dwelling worth less than $200, for $835.

A Whale Captured.

Sea -- Whales

A whale 61 feet in length went ashore on the shoals of Burnett Island, near the mouth of Guilford Creek on last Thursday and was killed by the citizens of that vicinity. A gentleman who saw him at the time he struck the shoals, says that he made a desperate struggle to get back to deep water by rolling over and over several times, but in the effort to release himself mistook the direction of the deep water and landed himself in less than four feet water.

The Railroad.

Transportation -- Railroad - Construction

Rumors have been current in this community of late to the effect, that the railroad would certainly be constructed through our Peninsula at an early day. The rumors do not seem to have been without some foundation, if the following, clipped from the Philadelphia Record of last week can be accepted as authentic:

The engineers of the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Company have begun at Delmar to settle the right of way and to stake out the line from that point south through Salisbury, Md., to Pocomoke City, in the same State. Orders have been given to complete the line and have it ready for operation by April 1. When this line is completed it will be twenty-six miles long and prove a valuable feeder to the Delaware division of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore railroad. In the summer it will transport fruits and berries and in the winter fish and oysters. The line will be eventually connected with Norfolk by boats, and vegetables from the South will be landed in Philadelphia the same day they are shipped from Norfolk.

Real Estate Transfers.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

The following are the real estate transfers recorded in the Accomac county clerk's office since our last issue:

Mary A. Silverthorn, dec'd Exor., to Samuel C. Mason, all that parcel of Land supposed to contain 12 acres, near Masonville; $200.

Samuel C. Mason to Edward T. Silverthorn, 12 acres; near Masonville; $200.

Jos. C. Wescott and wife to James F. Hope 1-2 of a lot of land, 3-4 of an acre, together with all their interest in the stock of goods, &c., in the store house therein, in the village of Pungoteague; $750.

John E. Bradford and wife to John H. Bird, 1-2 acre, near Locustmount; $25.

John T. Finney and Charles P. to John H. Killman, a certain lot of land, 9 acres or thereabouts, near Pungoteague; $180.

John T. Fletcher and others to Harriet T. Stant, 4 acres of land near Messongo Creek; $100.

John T. Fletcher and others to John W. Marshall, about 12 acres of land near Messongo Creek; $189.

Enoch Conger and wife to Samuel R. Stebbins, 1-3 interest of all the lots of land in Franklin City, recently owned by said Conger: $4000.

Powell Bros. to Edwin I. Powell, a certain lot of land in the village of Powelton, $234.

Robert J. Bell to Thomas Dallas Scott, supposed to contain 2 acres, near Chesconnessix Creek; $225.

Finney Brothers to George W. Killman, by estimation 3 acres, near Pungoteague; $60.

Calvin R. Gladding to Henry T. Davis, 4 acres, near Muddy Creek; $75.

Pennewell and wife, &c., to Sarah W. Campbell, a certain lot of land in the town of Onancock with improvements; $1700.

Parker Miles to Sarah Linton, 1-2 acre of land, on Sykes' Island; $25.

Wm. L. Ivins and wife to James H. Linton, 1-2 acre of land, on Sykes' Island; $30.

Edward Stant to Jeff D. Williams, 15 acres of land, in Freeschool Neck; $200.

Jeff D. Williams to Belle Boyd Williams, deed of gift, 14.1 acres, in Freeschool Neck.

Rebecca F. Kennard to William C. Hall, a certain lot of land, supposed to contain 1-5 of an acre, in Drummondtown; $825.

Powell Brothers to George W. Mears, 1 acre of land, in the village of Powelton; $350.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 1, 1883