Peninsula Enterprise, December 6, 1883


Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Waterfowl and shorebird

A gunning party, consisting of ex-Governor Swann and others, of Baltimore, are stopping at Kellam's hotel, at Powelton.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : LitigationSea -- Terrapin

The oyster and terrapin cases tried at this term of the county court, cost the county, for the services of jurors alone $102.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Law enforcement

Mr. Geo. W. Hindman, of Messongo, qualified as oyster inspector last Tuesday, of all the territory except Tangier Sound from the line of Maryland to Pungoteague Creek.


Fields -- Livestock - Swine

Fine porkers are being slaughtered in every part of the county. It is not an unusual thing to hear that our farmers kill hogs weighing 500 and 600 pounds.


Transportation -- Railroad - ConstructionForests -- Forest products - Rail ties

Mr. J. T. Budd, agent of the New York, Phila., and Norfolk railroad, is in the county in the interest of that company. Contracts to furnish ties for the road were made with several of our citizens. We give the item as a straw for the encouragement of those who are continually enquiring "when will the road be built?"


Forests -- Forest products - Lumber

A Mr. Patterson, of Thomaston, Maine, has bought a portion of Bear's Swamp, on the line of our railroad, at a point opposite Pungoteague. A camp has been established there, and a gang of hands will arrive next week to cut the timber thereon.


Transportation -- Railroad - ConstructionForests -- Forest products - Rail ties

The Pocomoke Times of Saturday says: "We are glad to see that the prospect for completing the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk line to Cherrystone has brightened, and there is no doubt that the company will proceed to build the road as speedily as possible. They are at work cutting the timberland clearing the line on the lands of James H. Young and Mrs. Cordelia Long. Parties are now in Virginia contracting for the ties to be used in constructing the road. It is thought they will complete it within twelve months."


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving service

Capt. Rich has recently returned from the city with a new surf boat for one of the stations.


Infrastructure -- Public : Schools

A graded school will be organized at Modestown early in January. A new building suitable for the purpose has recently been completed.


Fields -- Livestock - SwineFields -- Crops - CornFields -- Crops - Fodder

At the sale of the personal property of Capt. John E. Watson, near Locustville last Tuesday, good prices were realized. Corn sold at $2.52 per barrel, pork at 6 3-4 c. per pound, and fodder at $8 and $10 a stack.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Litigation

Nolle prosequis were entered in the oyster cases at this term of the court. The juries empanelled to try two of them found no verdict.


Sea -- Market huntingSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : PlantingInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Maryland-Virginia boundaryInfrastructure -- Commercial - NewspapersMoral -- Firearms


Wild fowl are abundant and cheap, forty cents buying a brace of fat ducks. We would recommend our gunners to call on Mr. J. T. Kenney, our enterprising merchant, who keeps a first-class stock of gunning material, ammunition, &c., on hand. Representing a first-class gun manufactory he will supply breech-loaders at bottom prices.

Our oyster interest has commenced to boom. Messrs. Conklin & Jones, Jones & Tarr, Lewis & Tarr, Lewis & Whealton, Reed & Hill, H. Nedab and others have made extensive preparations for fattening the bivalves. They are bringing good prices, and oystermen and merchants are both happy. The success of one depends on the other.

The Virginia line is at present the principal topic of conversation. By the old line Pope's Island was in Maryland, the present owner buying it at special commissioner's sale sold by order of Worcester county court. The new line runs a mile north of the old line and throws the island, with valuable oyster grounds, in Virginia. These planting grounds were at one time occupied by our people, and as the oyster interests grew residents of Maryland claimed that our planters run over the line; in consequence of which they took possession of ground and oysters. The new line takes back these reservations, on which, we are informed, there are five hundred thousand dollar's worth of oysters planted by Marylanders. We are glad to announce that there is no disposition manifested on the part of our people to return evil for evil, but a universal sentiment that time should be given the oyster to mature, and the rightful owners to remove them.

Thirty Northern dailies are disposed of by our news agent each day, and the demand is often greater than the supply.

It is stated on good authority that the boys and youths of our community universally carry pistols in their hip pockets, and that it is not an uncommon thing to find them in the possession of children at school. A record of murder or death by accident will be the outgrowth of this state of things. If our grand jury will find a few bills against some of these violations of the law, and our Commonwealth's attorney succeed in having them punished, as they deserve, this dangerous practice may be somewhat abated.


Infrastructure -- Public : Churches


The Methodist parsonage being erected at this place by T. Eslie Coard, contractor, will, when completed, be one of the handsomest and most commodious on the Eastern Shore.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionLaborers -- ConstructionArchitecture -- Commercial buildings


Thirteen carpenters are at work on the new store and other buildings going up in this town.

A new storehouse, 50x30 feet, is being erected at this point by William Walch, of New York, and will be ready for occupancy by Christmas.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal serviceMoral -- FirearmsInfrastructure -- Public : Libraries


The Onancock post office sold money orders and postal notes last week to the amount of $1,606.17

The "hardware dealers" are making preparations on a large scale to have a fine line of "Guilford trifle" for the holidays.

Our young men are taking stock in a library association. Drs. Harmanson, Pitts and Boggs figure most prominently in the matter, and as it is a worthy enterprise, it is hoped that its advocates may be successful.

The Race Last Thursday.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing

In the race on McConnell's track at Pungoteague, last Thursday, Buck, owned by J. Ambler Jarvis, of Eastville, won the first heat, and Doswell, owned by Geo. E. Bull, of Pungoteague, the second and third heats. The time made -- 2:04, 2:02, 2:02 -- was considered slow, both horses having made much better time heretofore. The race was an interesting one, however, neither heat being won by more than a length. After the race a challenge was given from the judge's stand by Mr. Jarvis to match his horse against Doswell over the same race course on some day during Christmas for a purse of $500, and was accepted.

Real Estate Transfers.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

The following transfers of real estate were recorded in the Accomack County Court Clerk's office during the week ending December 5:

Isaac Hall and Elizabeth his wife to Bernetta Nock, 4 3-4 acres near Atlantic; consideration $75.00.

Comfort Holstein, formerly Young and J. A. M. Whealton, trustee, to Jas. F. Williams, 7564 square feet on Chincoteague; $160.00

Geo. H. Hickman to Wm. Hickman, of Thomas, 58 1-2 acres near Drummondtown; $1,700.

Alfred Hudson, trustee, to Samuel J. Mumford, and others, house and lot on Chincoteague; $100.00

John S. Doughty and wife to Nathaniel S. Smith, trustee, for Martha S. Matthews, wife of James E. Matthews and others, on Chincoteague, hotel property; $3,400.

Joseph M. Feddeman and W. J. Matthews to Ida Matthews and Clara E. Wilcox, portion of Chincoteague hotel property; gift.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
December 6, 1883