Peninsula Enterprise, October 4, 1883


Watermen -- Personal injury

The schooner Collector, Capt. S. F. Byrd, was capsized off Pungoteague [Creek] last Monday in a storm and two of the crew, colored men from Norfolk, were drowned. The Capt and three of his crew, Solomon J. Lucas, Jno. Godwin and Millard Poulson, clung to the schooner and finally reached land in a small row boat.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Bird

Partridges, it is said, will be plentiful with us this fall and the sportsmen anticipate some fine shooting.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing

A trotting race will come off on McConnell's track at Pungoteague, between the horses of Mr. Jas. W. Bell, of Powelton, and Mr. Duffield Savage, of Onancock, on Thursday, the 25th day of October, for a purse of $200.


Fields -- Crops - Sweet potatoes : PricesFields -- Crops - Sweet potatoes : Quality control

Messrs. Patch and Roberts, of Boston, report under date of September 28, that sweet potatoes sold there readily for $2.75 per barrel on that day. They advise you to ventilate your barrels to prevent them from being overheated and thereby made to rot.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial construction

Belle Haven.

Handsome dwellings are being erected here by Messrs. George D. Abdell and J. T. Walkley, and Messrs. Shields & Mears of our town show evidence of mercantile thrift by the enlargement of their storehouse of late by a building 22x24 feet.


Transportation -- Water - Boat buildingInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential construction


Several new vessels have been launched, and are receiving their outfits to engage in the oyster trade, of which we expect much.

The residence of Mr. Williams is now under roof and the painters at work. Several more buildings are under way.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionTransportation -- Water - Boat building


Mr. Levin J. Crowson has commenced work on his new dwelling, situated on Wood street, and from present indications will soon have it ready for occupancy.

Mr. A. T. White is at Pocomoke City, superintending the rigging of his two new vessels.


Transportation -- Water - WrecksInfrastructure -- Commercial - MillineriesWomen -- Work - Outside the homeInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionSea -- Finfish - Catch : Rock


The schooner American Eagle, belonging to Capt. Henry Hall and Mr. James A. Hall, was capsized last Monday afternoon off Watts Island, and the crew consisting of seven, would have been drowned but for the timely arrival of Capt. Thomas Stant. The Captain (Thos. Hall) was lashed to the foremast at the time of the rescue, and one of the crew a colored man, was washed off the boat twice. The schooner sank during the night, and was gotten up next day considerably damaged -- she had no cargo on board.

Several canoes were capsized in Pocomoke Sound last Monday, in a storm, but no lives were lost. Archy Buck, from Freeschool Neck, was rescued along with a companion next morning, having passed the night astride the bottom of their canoe.

Mrs. Walter J. Hall returns from the city next Monday, with a full stock of everything novel, useful and attractive in the millinery line.

Mr. Z. S. Mears has had a new storehouse built at the foot of Freeschool Neck, and recently opened out a new stock of goods.

Rock fish very large and in goodly quantities, have been caught recently by Uncle Bob Marshall and other citizens of Sykes' Island.


Transportation -- Road - Construction


The road through the island is still blocked up, and all the travel to the mainland now, other than on foot, is over marshes, bogs and streams of water flowing into Pocomoke sound.

Disappointed Sportsmen.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing

The race did not come off at Pungoteague last Thursday, between Grey Morgan and Morrell, as had been announced. Morrell was too lame to enter into the contest and the efforts to "limber him up" by trotting him around the track to relieve his lameness, amounted to nothing, to the regret perhaps of the largest crowd which had ever assembled on McConnell's track on a similar occasion, and the dissatisfaction of some. It is just to Messrs. Winder and McConnell, to say that they offered to risk the stakes if Mr. Waddy would let his horse trot, but Mr. Waddy preferred to pay the forfeit rather than risk the permanent injury which might be done to his horse.

Deeds Recorded.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

The following is a list of deeds of bargain and sale admitted to record in the county clerk's office, from Sept. 24th to Oct. 2nd:

Wm. Jones and wife to Wm. H. Harrison, 14 acres near Cashville; price $400.

James E. Harrison and wife to same, 16 acres in Slutkill Neck; $225.

Wm. B. Smith to Benj. Coard, colored, 126 acres near Accomac C. H.; $4000

George Cropper and wife to Wm. Summers and Wm. H. Bloxom, 8 acres near Bethel Church; $181.

James T. Sledge and wife to Jas. Parkes of B., 8 acres near Nelsonia; $262.62.

Eveline W. Nock to Wm. Summers and Samuel Summers, 100 acres near Muddy Creek; $2,000.

George Cropper and wife to Littleton Fisher, 8 67-100 acres near Bethel; $113.

Geo. W. Powell and wife, &c., to George P. Hargis, 3-4 acres in Powelton; $350.

Wm. H. Oliver, Jr., and wife to Wm. S. Bundick, 1-2 acre near Locustville; $35.

John Spencer and wife to George O. Irving, 1-2 acre on Sykes' Island; $48.

Same to John W. Northam, 1-2 acre on Sykes' Island; $40.

Elizabeth Ayres to Samuel C. Mason, lease of 20 yds. square near Masonville for 10 years; yearly rental $10.

Edward W. Taylor to Joseph W. Taylor, 14 acres, 1 rood and 38 poles near Wishart's Point; $1.

Thorogood Mason and wife to Metompkin School Board, 60 yards square near Guilford; $100.

John D. Wimbrough and wife to David M. Shrieves, 2-3 acre in Modestown; $500.

Margaret J. Chesser to Emma Floyd, all her interest in parcel of land, 80 acres more or less, near Mappsville, $40.

Joshua T. Dies and wife to Wm. D. Dies, 1 1-4 acres on Tangier Island; $25.

Parker Parkes and wife to Henry Parkes, 1 1-4 acres on Tangier Island; $25.

James Hodges and wife, &c., to Augustus Parker, house and lot in Drummondtown; $300.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
October 4, 1883