Peninsula Enterprise, July 18, 1896


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Excursions

Steamer Lillie, Captain S. E. Matthews, will convey passengers from Wishart's Point to Chincoteague on the day of the pony-penning, July 18th, leaving the Point at 9 a.m., and Chincoteague at 5 p.m. for the sum of 50 cents for the round trip. The steamer will have in tow a barge which will accommodate 150 persons.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Boat racing

In the race last Wednesday between the batteaux Thomas H. Melson and D. T. Whealton, the latter won the purse, owing to an accident to the Melson, in having her mast broken when on course from the stake boat about a mile beyond the Killick Shoal light to the Chincoteague channel. The Melson beat the Whealton, before the wind to the stake boat 59 seconds, and was holding the advantage she had gained on the wind, at the time of the accident. But for the mishap, the opinion seemed to prevail, that the Melson would have been the winner. At least the friends of the Melson think so, as they offer in this issue, to sail the race over again for a purse double the size for which the race was made last Wednesday.


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Schooner William S. Mason arrived here from Salisbury last week, with a cargo of corn, which was sold at 46 cents per bushel.

Crabs are very scarce in our waters. The catch of the best of our crabbers is only about 30 to 40 a day and the price paid for them is from 18 to 24 cents per dozen.

A ten days tent meeting will be held on the farm known as "Fort George," belonging to Capt. John W. Marsh, under the auspices of the M. E. Church. It will commence Sunday July 26th. Several prominent ministers of the Wilmington Conference are expected to be in attendance and assist in the meeting.


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The number in attendance here on the day of the boat race last Wednesday was very large, perhaps the largest in the history of the Island. Visitors were here not only from Accomac and many of the counties of Maryland, but from Philadelphia and other places.

Pony-penning on Chincoteague this year takes place Tuesday, July 28th; on Assateague, Wednesday, July 29th.

The Boatmen's Bank building now in course of erection will be completed in about two weeks. It is of brick and two story, with two rooms for use of cashier and for meetings of directors in the upper story. It will be a handsome structure and proves the success of the banking business here.

Schooners J. R. Moffitt, Susan Jane and Edwards, loaded here this week with shells for Fair Haven, Conn.

The new church building now in course of erection, to take the place of the Union Baptist, recently destroyed by fire, will be a large and handsome structure. Dinner was served here last Wednesday by the members of that church to raise funds for same.


Forests -- Barrel factories Lumbermen -- Personal injury


An empty barrel fell on our barrel man, Mr. S. H. East, this week and cut an ugly wound over his eye.

Mr. John Cavy dropped an adz on his foot while coopering at East's factory on Thursday, inflicting an ugly wound.

Prohibition Meeting.

Moral -- Alcohol

The Prohibition party of Accomac, held a meeting at Johnson's Hall, Onancock, on last Saturday. Chairman E. J. Winder presided and on motion of W. T. Bundick, C. F. Watson was elected secretary. The Chair stated that the object of the meeting was to get in working shape. The Meeting decided that the secretary should write to Prof. G. M. Smithdeal, of Richmond, Va., who is State secretary to make arrangements with delegates from the other counties in this district to meet on the 2nd of September at Cape Charles to nominate a candidate for Congress from the 1st district. The meeting decided to have a speech at Accomac C. H., on next court day at 1:30 o'clock, then adjourned to meet Saturday after court at Onancock Va.

E. J. WINDER, Chairman.

C. F. WATSON, Secretary.

Onancock, July 15, 1896.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
July 18, 1896