Peninsula Enterprise, May 30, 1896


Moral -- Murder

Woodson Chase, arrested a few days ago, upon a requisition of the Governor of Maryland and brought before Judge Gillet for a hearing on a writ of habeas corpus, Thursday 21st inst., was remanded after the hearing to the sheriff of Accomac to be handed over to the sheriff of St. Mary's county, Md., for trial. The only question to be passed upon by the judge, was whether or not he was in legal custody, and his decision was in the affirmative. Sufficient evidence could have been produced, in our opinion, before the judge, if it had been admissible, to show that Chase was not guilty of the offence with which he is charged.


Forests -- Barrel factories

The barrel factory of W. M. Needles at Franklin City, was not destroyed during the late fire and has been running ever since. The proprietor is able to supply the farmers with truck barrels in any quantity, and wants their orders.


Infrastructure -- Public : Fences

The vote on the "fence question," in Eastville and Franktown districts, Northampton, on Thursday, 21st was largely in favor of fences.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : TownInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Bonds

In the election at Onancock on Thursday, Mr. Thomas W. Taylor was re-elected mayor by a majority of 46. The vote was in favor of a loan, by a majority of 53.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Baseball

In a match game of base-ball at Gargatha last Saturday, between Gargatha and Mappsville nines, the score was 16 to 11 in favor of the former.


Moral -- Alcohol

The effort to declare the election held at Onancock during the local option contest, as null and void because of "illegal influence" exerted there on that day, was passed upon by Judge Gillet at this term of court and decided by him as not proven. The result of the local option election therefore in Lee district was sustained by the court.


Sea -- Shellfish - Crabbing : BaysideSea -- Shellfish - Crabbing : Prices


The crab business is not a paying one with us at this time. The Chesconnessix Crab Co., has paid for them, of late, only six cents per dozen.

Capt. David A. Marsh spent the week in Crisfield, overhauling his vessels, Lillie Ellen and William S. Muir.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing


Dr. N. S. Smith and W. J. Matthews are training their "flyers" for the races which come off at Snow Hill Driving Park on June 11th.

Capt. John B. Whealton and wife arrived here this week from Philadelphia, on his steam yacht Lula Guang.


Fields -- Crops - Strawberries

New Church.

The most of the strawberry crop in this section has been sent to market. It was a season of less work and more pay.


Moral -- Alcohol


Everything is moving along quietly at this writing but the prevailing opinion is that the loan will pass.

Mr. William T. Bundick and Rev. E. J. Winder left by steamer Monday to attend the National Prohibition Convention at Pittsburg.


Transportation -- Road - MaintenanceInfrastructure -- Public : Churches


Our road machine is doing some good work around this section, but the main stage road to Keller is badly neglected.

Our pea and berry crops were exceedingly short owing to the dry weather but prices have averaged fair.

The M. E. Parsonage has undergone thorough repairs and a new porch has been added, which greatly improves the property.

Franklin City Sufferers.

Infrastructure -- Public : Towns

A letter has been received in Baltimore by Mr. Nathan Ulman, of Ulman, Boykin & Co., calling attention to the suffering in Franklin City, Va., owing to the recent disastrous fire at that place, and asking that money for the benefit of the destitute people be raised in Baltimore. The letter states that sheds are being erected for the people to live in, and that they are without the necessities of life. It was suggested to Mr. Ulman that the Merchants and Manufacturers' Association of Baltimore collect a relief fund. Ulman, Boykin & Co., have subscribed $25, which has been sent to Franklin City through S. Ulman & Bro., of Salisbury, Md., who on their own account have sent to the sufferers some cooking stoves and utensils.

A Bugeye Medal.

Transportation -- Water - Boat buildingTransportation -- Water - Marine railways

Mr. E. James Tull, shipbuilder of Pocomoke City, received Monday from the commissioners of the World's Columbian Exposition a beautifully engraved certificate of award and also a handsome bronze medal enclosed in a finely chased aluminum case. This award was given as the first prize for the model of a Chesapeake bay bugeye oyster boat. The specifications are for a good model, for speed, staunchness and draught, with first class material, excellent construction and thorough equipment. Mr. Tull is an expert shipbuilder. He has two marine railways in that city.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 30, 1896