Peninsula Enterprise, July 25, 1896


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Legislation

The legislative committee, Dr. George W. LeCato, Major Booker, Hon. J. M. Stubbs, and Hon. Howard Hathaway, to investigate the Ellenger grant, on Fox Island, met again at the court house last Wednesday, but did not enter into the investigation because the depositions taken at a former meeting were not at hand and on account of the absence of witnesses. The committee appointed Wednesday, August 19th, as the next day of meeting.


Fields -- Crops - Sweet potatoes : Quality control

Hundreds of barrels of sweet potatoes were shipped to market this week from Accomac, many of them of fine quality, others fair, but some very trashy, we are advised, and unfit for use. Early in the week the prices were good. One hundred barrels were sold at Onancock on Monday for $400. Later reports are that the trash has caused a considerable decline in prices.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Boat racingTransportation -- Water - Boat building

In the races at Cedar View, on Nandua, last week, the bateau, Free Silver, 16 feet long, owned by Mr. John Warren, was an easy winner, over the bateau C. H. Bramble, built at Crisfield, 24 feet long, belonging to Capt. Hundley, of Sluitkill Neck.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential construction


The dwelling of Mr. J. J. Bloxom is nearing completion, and a marriage in town is expected soon.


Forests -- SawmillsTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Resorts


Mr. N. H. Gordy has leased a tract of land of Mrs. William Burch and will soon have erected on same a handsome dwelling and steam saw mill.

A large party of the Wallop's Island Club men occupied their club house this week.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Excursions


Our farmers are very much discouraged by the sales of round potatoes, but are hopeful that sweets, their staple crop, will give a rosier color to things.

Beach parties very popular with the young people.


Infrastructure -- Utilities - Water Infrastructure -- Public - Government : TownTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - BaseballMoral -- Alcohol


The town council, at a meeting held last week, decided to negotiate at once a loan of $5,000 for water supply. They will issue 6 per cent. bonds therefor, for which they will soon invite bids.

In a match game of base ball between the Bluebells and Rosebuds this week, the score was 9 to 7, in favor of the former.

Mr. W. T. Bundick attended the Prohibition rally at Fruitland, Md., July 21st, and delivered addresses, afternoon and evening. Hon. Joshua Levering and Rev. H. E. Johnson, D. D., also spoke in the afternoon.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sportsfield sports - Hunting : Personal injury


Mr. Peter East, Jr., narrowly escaped with his life this week, by the accidental discharge of his gun, while watching a chance to kill a muskrat. He shot off his hat and a part of his thumb.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionProfessionals -- BuildersInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionMoral -- Property crime


A force of workmen and bricklayers from Salisbury are busy on the block of brick buildings contracted for. Seven carloads of bricks and one carload of lime has arrived and more on the way. Mr. H. J. Phillips, of Salisbury, is the contractor.

Mr. John Taylor, tinner from Drummondtown, has secured the contract to do the tin work roofing on several of the new buildings now being erected in our town.

Mr. Thomas Savage, of Temperanceville, is doing the mason work on Miss Lou Johnson's dwelling.

Mrs. Lydia Dix and family have leased the Chadbourne residence and moved in for the summer and fall months.

Mr. Oscar L. Ewell has a force of carpenters erecting a storehouse on the lot formerly belonging to L. F. Hinman.

Capt. Edward Hall and family have moved from Coan river, and are now living on Hunting Creek, in the J. R. Johnson house.

A storehouse at Mappsville occupied by a German was broken into a few nights ago, and about one hundred dollars worth of clothing was taken. So far no clue to the thieves has been found.


Transportation -- Water - Freight


Three schooners have recently loaded at this wharf with round potatoes for New York.

Harmonson-West Camp.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Veterans

Harmonson-West Camp, Confederate Veterans, held its regular semi-annual meeting at Parksley, on Wednesday, the 15th day of July.

Considerable routine business was transacted, consisting of receiving and acting upon reports of committee, discussing measures for the welfare of the camp, etc.

Rev. S. U. Grimsley, Alfred J. Lilliston and Henry A. Mumford were admitted to membership.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Commander, Frank Fletcher; 1st Lieut. Commander, O. A. Browne; 2d Lieut. Commander, S. U. Grimsley; Adjutant, John H. Wise; Paymaster, John E. Winder; Quartermaster, George G. Savage; Orderly Sergeant, Thomas C. Kelly.

The Camp decided to hold its annual reunion and memorial entertainment at Parksley, in the early part of October next, the exact date to be fixed by the Executive Committee, which has the entertainment in charge. Due notice of date will be given.


JNO. H. WISE, Adjutant.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
July 25, 1896