Peninsula Enterprise, May 9, 1896


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Surveying

The Board of the Chesapeake and its tributaries ordered the police steamer Accomac to Old Point a few days ago to convey a couple of civil engineers to test, make report, and embody in the survey made by the State of the public oyster grounds, the ground omitted by the survey of Capt. J. B. Baylor, and which by applications of citizens of this county to our county court, has been surveyed by county surveyor D. F. White, under direction of commissioners appointed by said court. The engineers complimented Mr. White for the accuracy of his work.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Insurance companies

All persons with isolated property are requested to investigate the workings of the Mutual Benefit Fire Insurance Co., of Eastern Shore of Va. G. H. Hussey and W. C. Long are now canvassing the county in the interest of said company.


Transportation -- Water - Steamboats

The spring and summer schedule of the Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway Co., will take effect next Monday, May 11th. A new steamer is added to the line on that day giving us daily communication with Baltimore. See change in next issue.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Other

Hamilton Disston, the well known saw manufacturer, was found dead in his bed at his home in Philadelphia, Friday morning of last week.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

Capt. O. A. Browne has purchased, it is reported, the Handy farm at Nassawadox for $8,500.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideSea -- Shellfish - Crabbing : Bayside


Mr. D. Frank White has been with us this week, surveying oyster grounds for several of our people, who expect to plant oysters in the near future.

Mr. S. R. Sterling, the popular manager of the Chesconnessix Crab Co., opened both houses, one in Chesconnessix and the other in Onancock Creek on Monday, May 4th, for business. Mr. Sterling bought 500 dozen the first day. Markets are low at present on account of the crabs being small, but as the crabs grow larger we expect markets to advance.

Capt. John W. Marsh is improving the looks of his places very much by having his houses and barns whitewashed and the house occupied by Mr. George W. Davis rebuilt.


Fields -- Livestock - SheepInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Lighthouse serviceTransportation -- Water - WrecksInfrastructure -- Public : Churches


The annual sheep penning comes off this year, Wednesday, June 3d. Big preparations will be made for the entertainment of those in attendance on the occasion.

Commander Ritter, inspector of 4th Lighthouse district, here this week to select a site for the proposed Lighthouse on Fishing Point, agrees with everyone else as to the necessity for same, and will do all he can to have it put there as soon as possible.

Schooner Palestine, three-fourths owned by William J. Matthews, and one-fourth by Capt. William Harrison, struck on Absecom bar and sank after beating over same on 3d inst., and is a total loss, together with her cargo of oysters. The value of the boat was $1,500.

Union Baptist Church was destroyed by fire Thursday morning, April 30th. The fire, when discovered, about 5 a.m., had made such headway that nothing could be done even toward saving the furniture. It had been recently repaired at an expense of about $800, and the church was worth at least $2,000. On the site where the church stood one was built in 1841, and had as its first pastor, Rev. William Thornton. The members met the day after the fire and subscribed $1,000 for another church building, to be erected near the parsonage. The members of said church have accepted an invitation to worship at the M. E. Church until their proposed church building is completed.


Fields -- Livestock - HorsesProfessionals -- Seafood dealers


Mr. Logan purchased recently a pair of very valuable match horses from Sam Twilley, of Pocomoke City.

Mr. S. T. Johnson left Wednesday, 6th inst., to place orders for oysters. He will visit all of the principal towns on N. Y., P. & N. R. R., from New Church to Philadelphia.


Transportation -- Road - MaintenanceForests -- Barrel factories Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Baseball


Owing to the late drought and the road machine our roads are in a better condition than they have been for years.

Mr. O. M. Chandler, who has lately returned from Chincoteague Island after a successful season, has just completed a large addition to his barrel factory.

Our base ball club has organized for the coming season, and were winner in a game with the Marsh Market nine last Saturday on the latter's grounds. The two nines will cross bats again on the grounds here next Saturday evening. Our popular band will furnish music to cheer the players.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing


Sadie J., the pacer of J. R. Sturgis, we are credibly advised, made a quarter mile recently in 31 seconds, and her trainer says she can make a mile in 2.15.


Fields -- Crops - StrawberriesAfrican-Americans -- Work - AgricultureInfrastructure -- Public : Churches


Mr. L. J Savage received this week 3,000 strawberry crates, for distribution among the farmers of this vicinity.

The first shipment of radishes from this station, this season, was made by Mr. B. T. Bradford, consigned to J. P. Wilson. Daniel Harman, colored, shipped from the Pitts' farm the first strawberries.

The new bell for our Methodist Church has been received and placed in steeple. Its weight is 400 pounds.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Boat racingTourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Waterfowl and shorebirdSea -- Finfish - Catch : TroutProfessionals -- BuildersTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fraternal orders


The noise of the gunner is constantly heard in our marshes, and trout are unusually plentiful for the season. Our boatmen are busily engaged polishing and decorating their batteaux for the coming regatta.

The new Masonic hall was shut in during the week, and under the deft and skillful management of builder Hopkins, will soon be open to the craft.

To Whom it May Concern.

Moral -- Alcohol

All persons who have been heretofore interested in the sale of "liquor" are requested to meet at Keller Station Wednesday, May 13th, for the purpose of forming a protective association for those interested. Meeting will be held on the arrival of down train.



Infrastructure -- Public : Fire companies

The losses sustained by three of our townsmen by the fire at Accomac C. H., last Monday night calls forth the warmest sympathy of all the citizens of our town and vicinity and many doubtless would be glad of the opportunity to help them in some other way. The citizens who have suffered though are among the most enterprising and industrious of the county, who have faced difficulties before and surmounted them and will have the pluck, doubtless to do so again, even if their earnings have been so largely swept away from them in a night. It is to be hoped, at least, that all may see their way clear to resume their business again soon, and that those who have escaped the misfortune which has overtaken them, may be ready to extend the helping hand to them.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 9, 1896