Peninsula Enterprise, December 12, 1896.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fairs

Mr. A. J. Cassatt, of Philadelphia, has been elected president of the Chesapeake Agricultural Fair Association at Cape Charles.


Moral -- Property crime

Joseph Bocaly, convicted at the last term of court of robbing Capt. Costin of a considerable sum of money, was sent to the State penitentiary this week.


Fields -- Livestock - Swine

A pen of hogs slaughtered by Mr. A. T. Scott, near Onancock, this week weighed 1999 pounds, the two largest, 540 and 523 pounds, respectively, being twenty-one months old and the other three less than fifteen months.


Watermen -- Personal injury

The bodies of Mr. Buyrn Riley and a colored man drowned in Potomac river last week, as reported in another column, had not been found up to last Thursday. A telegram has been received by the father of Mr. Riley to that effect.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Banks

The Monumental Savings and Loan Association, of Baltimore, Md., is now represented at Accomac C. H., by Messrs. Sherman and Reed. Many of the officers and directors of same are well known to, and have the confidence of our people, and furnish ample proof that the association is all that is claimed for it.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Bayside


Capt. William F. Barnes was home from the oyster grounds last Tuesday on a visit to his family. He reports the oyster business dull and unremunerative.

Sloop L. N. Ruth, Capt. William C. Barnes, returned from Potomac river last Monday. He reports the roughest passage across the Chesapeake last Sunday night in his experience as a sailor of 20 years. His boat carried off her mast when about half way across the bay and for about two hours thereafter, when trying to make sail enough to reach Tangier, his boat was swept by the waves from stem to stern. He reached Tangier 2 p. m. Monday.

News was received here last Monday from Chapel Point, Md., that Mr. W. Burns Riley, son of Mr. John F. Riley, and Wilson Wise, alias Drummond, colored, were drowned. They were employed on sloops L. N. Ruth and Mary E. Ward, which left some time ago to dredge for oysters in Potomac. On the evening of December 2d, while the sloops were anchored under Chapel Point, they were sent ashore to buy provisions at a store at Brent's Wharf, about a half mile from their boats. After waiting for several hours for their return the crews of both sloops went to look for them and found, the small boat in which they had left, ashore and bottom up. Information received at the store was that they had been there and purchased the provisions. The opinion of Captain Barnes of the sloop Ruth, is that the colored man fell while sculling the boat and capsized her with the result stated above. All efforts so far to recover the bodies have been fruitless. Mr. John F. Riley has offered a reward of $25 for the recovery of the body of his son.


Sea -- Fish factoriesTransportation -- Water - FreightInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Lighthouse service


Forest Comedy Co., composed of five members, registered at Atlantic Hotel, to remain for 2 weeks.

Capt. John W. Bunting is on the Western Shore this week, looking after the collection of fertilizer bills.

Schooner J. R. Moffitt arrived this week with cargo of coal and loaded with oysters for Fair Haven, Conn. Schooner Claudie V., loaded with oysters for Philadelphia.

Commander Trainer, inspector of this lighthouse district, was here last week looking after the lights. He found Assateague and Killick Shoal lights all right, but says that the Fishing Point Light does not fill the bill and a larger and better light is to take its place.


Transportation -- Road - Maintenance


Charles Lewis, colored, was killed by the stump-puller which is used in connection with our road machine a few days ago.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential construction


Miss Carrie Belote now occupies her new dwelling just completed.

A new house has been built here to protect the road machine and implements, by Mr. Thomas Hutchinson.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
December 12, 1896.