Peninsula Enterprise, October 31, 1896



Mr. Golden F. Watson, who for several years past has been a resident of Coney Island, N. Y., has bought a home near Accomac C. H., and returned on Wednesday to make it his permanent place of abode.


Fields -- Crops - Sweet potatoes : PricesTransportation -- Railroad - Rates and fares

The officials of Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway Company authorize the announcement that, "by reason of the continued low prices that potatoes are selling for, the rate of 15c per bushel put in force July 1st, 1896, for four months to October 31st, 1896, will be extended to November 30th, 1896.


Watermen -- Personal injury

The body of Henry Sack, one of the three men drowned on Broadwater bay a few days ago was found last Monday by Mr. Daniel Bowden, of Chincoteague. The body was forwarded by rail on Tuesday, by Mr. M. C. Glick, of Onancock, and Mr. Benjamin, of Exmore, to New York for interment.


Professionals -- Commission merchants

Mr. William L. Drummond, of Pungoteague, reports to us, that John Nix & Co., commission merchants, New York, are enclosing cards in letters to shippers in that vicinity urging them to vote for McKinley or Palmer and Buckner. Mr. Drummond and his neighbors naturally are indignant at this attempt of the rich commission firm to influence them and treat the advice with the contempt it deserves. Nix & Co., as Mr. Drummond naturally suspects, are of the same band of monopolists that cares very little about the farmer, except what they get out of him.


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Schooner Susan Jane arrived this week from New York with cargo of coal; schooners Sunbeam, Mayflower, J. R. Moffitt and Thomas Thomas loaded with oysters for Norfolk.

O. M. Chandler, of Mappsville, has leased a piece of land here of S. E. Matthews, as the site for a barrel house, 30 X 40 feet, and will begin to manufacture barrels soon on a large scale.

Petitions have been circulated here this week looking to the establishment of a mail route from Bloomtown via Wishart's Point to this place, and have the signature of everyone to whom they have been presented. Everybody realizes the necessity for it and wants it. With present facilities mail from the south frequently is not received here until it is three or four days old and not until it has gone to Philadelphia and New York. Business letters mailed in a few miles of this place often reach us only after a lapse of from two to six days.

A Narrow Escape.

Transportation -- Road - Bridges

Mr. W. S. Nock, while on his way to Sykes Island, with Mr. J. W. Laughlin, of Philadelphia, last Monday, narrowly escaped being drowned. His horse became frightened at the bridge near Sykes and backed into the ditch at that place about 6 feet deep 8 feet wide. The citizens of Sykes went to their rescue and succeeded in rescuing the gentlemen and their horse from their perilous situation. Fortunately they were not seriously injured. Their carriage was badly wrecked. In connection with the above, Mr. Nock authorizes the following:

"I shall truly endeavor to prosecute any and all overseers in the future who do not keep good bridges on the roads which I travel, as I am on the roads both day and night and do not care to run such another risk as the above one, and will further state that this bridge never has been a good bridge, and I shall surely try to recover damages for this accident."

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
October 31, 1896