Peninsula Enterprise, May 16, 1896


Fields -- Livestock - Dog problemFields -- Livestock - Sheep

The Board of Supervisors, at its meeting last Wednesday, refused to allow damages to several persons for sheep killed by dogs, because of a failure on their part to comply with the requirements of the law in such cases, as follows: If any person has sheep or other stock (not fowl) killed or wounded by dogs not his own and wishes damages therefore, he must comply with the law and have the dead or wounded sheep or stock forthwith viewed and valued by appraisers appointed by a Justice of the Peace.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fraternal orders

A chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy has been organized in the county of Northampton.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Baseball

A match game of base ball between Mappsville and Marsh Market nines at Mappsville last Saturday, resulted in favor of the former by a score of 25 to 14.


Professionals -- Other

Mr. Fred W. Robertson, son of Dr. E. W. Robertson, of Onancock, is a graduate of the Maryland College of Pharmacy this session, and was awarded his diploma on the 15th inst. He was also the valedictorian of this class.


Moral -- Alcohol

A public meeting will be held in Methodist Church at Atlantic, Wednesday, May 20th, 6:30 o'clock p.m., under the auspices of Atlantic Lodge I. O. G. T., in the interest of temperance. Speakers from abroad will be present. Everybody is invited.


Moral -- Alcohol

Mr. William T. Bundick, Onancock, was elected, by the Prohibition Convention held at Roanoke, Va., a delegate to the National Prohibition Convention which meets in Pittsburgh, Pa., May 27th inst. Credentials to that effect have been received by him from the Secretary of the Prohibition State Committee.


Transportation -- Water - Boat building

Accomac C. H.

G. W. Coard, the celebrated boat builder of this town, has nearly completed a fine dead rise sloop of his own model, with a capacity of 300 bushels. Inspection solicited by those wishing a boat.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - DrugstoresInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionFields -- Crops - StrawberriesInfrastructure -- Public : Churches

Belle Haven.

Messrs. Richardson & Bro., of Cape Charles, have rented the store recently completed by Kellam Bros., and will open a first class drug store in the near future. This is an enterprise greatly needed by our town and people, and it will doubtless be liberally patronized.

Mr. S. P. Ward is shortly to begin a handsome residence on Lee street.

Lumber is being hauled for the erection of a dwelling on Locust street for Mr. George W. Elmore, Jr.

The crop of strawberries is very short throughout this neighborhood, in consequence of the continued dry weather.

The "manse" is receiving its finishing touches from the brushes of Mr. George Elmore, Jr., and Captain Thomas Guy. It will be occupied next week by the pastor, Rev. R. E. C. Lawson.


Transportation -- Water - Freight


Eighteen thousand quarts of strawberries were shipped from Finney's Wharf last Monday.

It is reported, that the gasoline steamer, Bertha Tull, will run from Finney's Creek to Baltimore in the near future.


Transportation -- Water - WharvesInfrastructure -- Commercial - BanksArchitecture -- Commercial buildingsInfrastructure -- Public : ChurchesArchitecture -- Churches


Steamer Ocean City, of Atlantic, N. J., was here this week with a sporting party, and schooner Watange, of New York, with the Billings of that city and Harrison, of Philadelphia, on board.

A new wharf and boathouse is to be built soon on Assateague Island by the U. S. Government.

The officers of the Boatman's Bank have leased of James E. Matthews a piece of land in front of the Atlantic Hotel, and will soon have in course of erection a two story brick bank building 30 X 20 feet.

W. J. Matthews and Capt. William Harrison have purchased the handsome and fast sailing schooner J. R. Moffitt from Capt. H. L. Crockett, Onancock. Captain Harrison will be her commander and Capt. Thomas Clark succeeds him as captain of the schooner Thomas Thomas.

The members of Union Baptist Church have bought a piece of land near their parsonage as a site for their new church and work on same will begin soon. It is to be 60 X 36 feet and to have baptistry in addition, and will cost when completed, about $3,000.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing

Fair Oaks.

Mr. William Salisbury, of Ohio, a trainer of horses of 15 years' experience, during which he has handled some of the finest horses of the country, such as James R., Wilson Boy, Prince Almont and others, is now located at our Grange Fair Grounds, for the purpose of training horses on the Eastern Shore. He has already several fine ones under his management but will take more.

Citizen Arrested on an Old Requisition.

Moral -- Murder

Constable Tankard G. Kellam arrested at Mappsville, last Saturday, and brought to jail Woodson Chase, residing near Mearsville, on a requisition from the Governor of Maryland, issued more than two years ago. The charge against him is that while engaged in taking oysters near St. Mary's county, Md., that he killed two negroes and threw them into the river. Chase says he is not guilty of the charge of murder. According to his statement the two negroes were maltreating a little white boy, and when he interfered to protect the boy the negroes turned on him. He fled to the river, and, jumping into a yawlboat, made for his pungy, which was lying in the river. The negroes got into a small boat and started in pursuit, and before they reached the pungy their boat capsized, and both of them were drowned.

He has made application for discharge from custody, and the case will be heard on a writ of habeas corpus by Judge Gillet, on next Friday, 22nd inst.

A number of witnesses will be introduced when the case comes up, before Judge Gillet, who will testify that he is not guilty of the crime with which he is charged. In fact a score or more witnesses, it is stated, can be introduced if necessary to prove that the statement made by Chase is correct in all essential particulars. The State of Maryland will doubtless be represented by the Attorney-General of that State or some other of her officials at the hearing before Judge Gillet.

Meeting of Law and Order League.

Moral -- VigilantismMoral -- Alcohol

All persons that are interested in the enforcement of the local option laws will please meet at Johnson's Hall, in Onancock, next Tuesday at 1 o'clock. Business of great importance is to be transacted. Ministers of all churches are requested to give notice from the pulpit, and see that each church sends one or more delegates to the meeting. This call is to all of Accomac and Northampton counties.

Your truly, PRESIDENT OF C. L. & O. L.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 16, 1896