Peninsula Enterprise, March 14, 1896


Fields -- FertilizerSea -- Fish factories

In the list of property of the American Fish Guano Co., which will be sold at public auction, at Harborton, on Friday 27th inst., are several tons of Sweet Potato Fertilizers. It will be sold by the tons with the privilege to the purchaser of taking five tons. The excellence of the fertilizer is well known to our farmers and they know of their interest too well, not to avail themselves of the opportunity, which will be offered them, to supply themselves with a fertilizer they need at a reduced price.


Fields -- Livestock - MulesTransportation -- Road - Maintenance

The Board of Supervisors, at its last meeting, rejected all bids for mules and "have since made arrangements to buy directly from the West." Messrs. Joseph S. Bull and J. Thomas Burton, with the authority of the Board, left last Tuesday for that purpose.


Moral -- Property crime

Carl Russell was sent to jail last Monday, upon the charge of breaking into the hen house of Mr. Fred Hill, Onley, and stealing three of his chickens.


Moral -- MurderMental illness

Edward Leatherbury, who has been adjudged a lunatic, was surrendered last Monday by his sureties and sent to Eastville jail.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

The old homestead of the late William H. Marshall, at New Church, was purchased at private sale on Monday, by Mr. John F. Nelson, Jr., merchants of that place, at the price of $2,500.


Moral -- Alcohol

The merits of our countryman, Mr. William T. Bundick, as a temperance orator, are being so well recognized, that he is fast winning a State reputation in that line. His services are being frequently asked for in many sections of the State. He left on Tuesday to fill appointments to speak by request in Norfolk and Matthews county.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideProfessionals -- Seafood dealersSea -- Market hunting


Joseph J. English and S. M. Gillette, oyster dealers of Philadelphia, spent several days with us this week -- buying oysters and soliciting trade.

Our sportsmen, who gun for a living, report an increase in wild fowl, since a warden was put on duty here to protect them by the Eastern Shore Game Association. One of them reports that he killed a hundred ducks, wild geese and other wild fowl last week, and that wild game are more plentiful here than for the last 20 years.


Fields -- crops - Sweet potatoes : Acreage


Our farmers are buying largely of fertilizers, and will enlarge their patches for sweet potatoes.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideTransportation -- Water - FreightInfrastructure -- Utilities - Telephone


Capt. Frank C. Lewis loaded the gasoline steamer Susan Tull so deep with oysters Tuesday, she was unable to get out over the bar.

The telephone line from this place to Tasley and Accomac C. H., is now in perfect order. The proprietors solicit patronage of the public.

Mr. W. T. Bundick has received an invitation to attend a grand temperance rally in Matthews county and deliver a temperance oration. Mr. Bundick lectured there last season and was exceedingly popular as a temperance orator.


Transportation -- Railroad - PersonnelTourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Fox


A petition is being circulated here, asking for a night agent and operator at this station.

A pair of thoroughbred English fox hounds were received by Messrs. A. J. McMath and E. G. Fox from Pennsylvania a few days ago. A fancy price was paid for them.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateInfrastructure -- Public : Churches


The Baptists of this town have purchased two lots for the sum of $200, preparatory to building their new church.


Moral -- Property crime


Capt. Richard Spence, while laying at anchor in Smith's creek in the Potomac river, last week, has $97 stolen from him by a colored man. He escaped and has not been seen since.

Local Option Election:

Moral -- Alcohol


I notice in your last issue, that the requisite number of voters required by law have a petition before the judge asking the privilege of voting on the question of license or no license. The Judge being satisfied that said petitioners voted in last November election has set April 18th as the day of voting in Pungoteague, Metompkin and Lee districts. This seems a fair way to learn whether the majority of voters desire the saloons licensed, or not. This is truly Democratic for the majority to rule, and this question having no politics in it, it looks like a fair way to determine the matter. And the question involved is, shall we, the citizens of said districts, license the saloons in three districts by voting for license, or shall we not license them by voting against license. This gives every man his choice and I suppose every citizen that believes the saloon is a necessity, a blessing to the poor and helps increase the valuation of property, making homes more desirable near it, makes better neighbors, better men, happier homes, brighter children, and helps to prepare men to meet their God, will surely vote to keep the saloon in our midst, because they want their children and friends to have all that will help to make them noble and happy. But that all who believe the license and saloon to be an evil, a disturber of peace in the neighborhood, robbing men of their manhood, mothers of the boys, wives of their husbands, children of bread, and God of the souls of men, that Jesus gave his life to redeem, by the shedding of His blood on the cross, will vote against licensing the saloon.

There may be some that say, I will have nothing to do with it, I will not vote at all. There is no neutral ground that a man can stand upon in a case of this kind, as he is either for or against, and voting by silence is just the same as by ballot. God's word ways, "he that is not for me is against me," and he that is not for the saloon must be against it -- and it you stay at home and do not cast any ballot, don't say anything after the day of election has passed. Should it be as it is now and the saloons are licensed to carry on business legally, and if by some misfortune your boy becomes a drunkard, don't say a word about the man that has the saloon, for he will pay for his license and you will have part of the benefit applied in your district, it may be in a better road or a little longer term for your children to go to school, so you become partners with the man that runs the saloon. May the Lord open our eyes and help us to vote as we pray.


March 7, 1896.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
March 14, 1896